3 Bigfoot Stories


  • Robert E Cherry 11 months ago

    Love these 3 Bigfoot oldies.. Especially the last one.

  • Philip LaMachio 11 months ago

    I’m a DW member…how can I access the free content directly on the website?

    I got here through the YouTube channel because the video here was not the complete version, so I had to go there, follow the link to get to the full version.

  • Chanel Robinson 11 months ago

    Holy crap those were some good stories, especially the last one. You are the best D.W, so don’t let YouTube or anyone else tell you different

  • Gucci Haze 11 months ago

    Yoo Dark I’m def happy to have found you…..I don’t have stories but seen evidence that’s enough for me……….it’s so hard to listen to other podcasts once hearing yours it’s like their lying or content trash…..keep going strong brother….been following since coast to coast where in my mind I first met you

  • John Dale 11 months ago

    That was great work, the attention to detail, Simply amazing I mean I felt like I was right there in the middle of it all.
    Dark Waters your like having these stories in Virtual reality.

  • hazelgoodshepherd 11 months ago

    The story with Frank was one of my favorite stories.

  • Vinnie 9 months ago

    I love your stuff thanks and I appreciate you.

  • [email protected] 8 months ago

    It seems to me from all the different shows I have listened and that’s alot I am a welder and boss doesn’t give a rat’s ass what I listen to with my earbuds in as long as a welds get done and they shoot x-ray but anyway it Seems the BRFO doesn’t want to have reports of BF that clearly would eat your ass if you didn’t ge the F- out of Dodge


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