12 thoughts on “Bottom Of The River”

  1. Love your show man I hope 2 have the money 2 get your show 1 day GOD bless u please say a prayer 4 my mom she’s get the cancer please thank U !!!!

  2. What goes around comes around. It’s a shame more people don’t realize that. People could save themselves alot of grief that way

  3. The bible is coded all throughout , some of the old timers who spoke the original language knew how to interpret the scriptures . Somehow we need to get back to that .

  4. Dark there are many things that cannot be explained but one thing is for sure and thats the law of the harvest!
    Gods Word says you reap what you sow!
    You cant live a life of doing wrong and get by ,it will sooner or later catch up to you! Hopefully sooner so your reaping will be less and you change your ways!
    What you bring to the table is different than Everyone else, keep it up!

  5. Great story, Mr. Dark Waters. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿Perfect example of the things you do, can come back into you(good or bad).

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