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Shawn Graham is the host of the thought-provoking "Chasing the Truth with Shawn Graham" podcast, dealing with the paranormal and all things unexplained. The show launched in May of 2018 and instantly created a buzz throughout the paranormal community that this program was
something very different.

Graham is both an expert and an earnest seeker of the answers to many of the paranormal community’s most-asked questions. Prior to the launch of “Chasing the Truth,” Graham spent more than fifteen years in the medical field.

During his tenure in the healthcare sector, he suffered a leg amputation stemming
from a very serious flesh-eating infection. He was on life support for more than a week. During his time on life support, Graham had a lengthy Near Death Experience (NDE).

While in a coma, he had encounters with God, souls, angels, demons and other entities. Graham later recovered completely with a new, heightened sense of the world with full knowledge of God’s existence and bond with all of God’s creations. Following this life-altering NDE, he has been searching for fellow travelers who have experienced paranormal events and other Near Death Experiencers. Graham is a native of southwest Virginia and has experienced paranormal encounters throughout his life. His show is an eclectic mix of the paranormal sprinkled with personal anecdotes and jokes. And underlying all of this is his obvious connection and devotion to God. “Chasing the Truth with Shawn Graham” debuted on Dark Waters Radio. Since launching, it has been ranked in the top 5paranormal shows on Paranormal Radio App.

Paranormal Story Teller
• UFO experiences
• Ghosts, Demons, Angels
• Cryptid stories
• Hospital Paranormal Stories
• Jack Tales

Near Death Experiencer
His near-death experience occurred
after a twelve-day coma post op for
an emergent left leg amputation
secondary to infection from
necrotizing fasciitis. Three months
in hospital left him contemplating
his near-death experience with God,
the devil, a visit to hell and a myriad
of other encounters.

Sleep Specialist
Graham has fifteen years in Sleep
Disorders & Respiratory Therapy
Medicine, Treatment,
Administration and one on one
patient care. His sleep disorders
expertise is remarkable. He has given
hospital educational workshops and
public formal talks on the subject of
sleep medicine. He has aided in
developing a school systems student
health program.

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