46 Replies to “COMPACT STORE”

  1. questwho

    Every story I try to listen to it only plays 50 secs to 1:20 of the beginning of the story and keeps repeating. How are some people able to play them?

  2. Bunny12

    I have an Android phone and I never had a problem listening to your videos, but when I click the image it took me straight to comments

  3. William Vander Zanden

    Comodo Dragon browser, Ad Blocker on, Ghostry on, Duck Duck Go Privacy Essentials enabled.
    Played smoothly, no problems

      • Jeff

        man i understand i enjoy your stories so much i just got frustrated when i couldent get through im sorry.i actually tried my desktop and it went through i ment to send another message to let you know but i guess it didnt go through and if you never let me back on i understand but you will still be my favorite .and thank you for responding back

        • Dark Waters

          That would be your decision my friend. I refunded the money your are free to sign up again anytime. As for the problem is being worked daily. Over 200 stories and 150 interviews have to be rendered to allow I phone users to access from phone. Daunting task but one we are working daily.

  4. barbarycoast

    I live among Asians. I don’t mess with them and they don’t mess with me. You never know what they can do; I’m Native American and they don’t know what I can do either. We just live in peace. ✌🏼Loved the story!

  5. Tamara

    No problems listening. I have an iPhone 8+. Thank you for keepin’ it real. Demonic possessions are no joke. You have this way of telling a story & it’s pure genius.🔥🔥

  6. astral.fey

    I have seen people who have the black eyes on two separate occasions. None of them were Aisan. It gives you the creeps. My theory is they are either Aliens or people possessed by something. I hope if and when I get to heaven they will be willing to explain it.

  7. Mr. Hollywood

    Awesome story once again brother. Love listening. Ive had no problems with it starting over. And if i did, hey thats just more i get to listen to it lol. I wish people wouldnt get so frustrated with it! D.W is a busy man and stuff happens specially when your on any
    Thing electronic. If he says hes working on it, hes working on it. Anyway love the stories bro keep up the amazing work and i appreciate all the hard work that you and the people put into this. Thank you.

  8. Mike

    I had no issues listening to this on my S8 phone. This encounter makes me think more people are possessed among us than we think. Also extreme emotional agitation brings these spirits to the surface where now you see those pitch black serpent looking eyes.

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