Contact: Is this an Alien Caller?


Ok so let me try and give you some context to this audio. It was given to me by DR J from Dr. J radio live.  He received it from Justin Bamforth. Real Talk! I have no clue who this caller is, but together we are gonna find out. So we will be reaching out to the gentleman Josh and getting to the bottom of this. I don't know where this is going but I can sure promise you it is gonna be fun. Take A Listen.

Justin Bamforth has been exploring paranormal phenomena, the UFO topic, reports of Men in Black, and other areas of high strangeness for close to two decades. He lectures on the subject, collaborates with researchers on cases, and consults with people worldwide to better understand whatever it is we're dealing with. (Or at least he attempts to.) Justin is a creative professional by trade where he spends most of his nine-to-five in advertising and marketing—an equally bizarre world of its own. Despite an active schedule, he still finds time to write content for his website as well as continue to interview experiences and investigate their tales of high strangeness.

19 Replies to “Contact: Is this an Alien Caller?”

  1. Shawn Graham

    The caller sound like a sound bite is played for each response. Sort of like a midi keyboard. Same tone and sound level for each repeated phrase.

  2. MrXDreams

    Sounds like someone being made to speak… Seems to be following rudimentary commands; mind seems to be scrambled in some way. This is insane…

  3. Jamie

    What happened that made the man say “Oh my God,,, I’m calling Mike or Michael back!”? That’s what stumped me. Maybe he seen what the guy or the thing told him to look at up in the sky next to Orion at.

  4. boinexdoe

    Notice how it’s speaking gets a little better by the last call ,with each call lasting less than for mins .Maybe he should try to learn coding or computer language .It seems like it wants to answer but cannot put the words together properly ,kinda like some one who doesn’t speak the native language but trying to get its point across , or maybe change the way or re word the question s that he is asking back .

  5. Dark Waters

    LMAO, are you here to spell check or listen to FREE stories, In my experience, people who are so focused on the small things like misspelled words are incapable of accomplishing anything in life or than criticism.

  6. Space Kitty

    This COULD be MIB or joke from a bored idiot. But I would not waste my time or energy on it.

  7. Braingarden

    The caller sounds drugged, maybe under

    Being purposefully deceptive.
    Repeating same phrases.
    Not answering guestions.
    Nearly mumbling, Incoherent.
    Giving vague instructons.
    This is a prank.

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