Deliver Us


  • RobDavis380 1 year ago

    Damn good story

  • atedwards 1 year ago

    The Pastor is right. You can’t find Christ on a smart phone.

    • Lydia Moniz 12 months ago

      Wow! I dont know how anyone can live without God fully in their life……Spirit, soul (mind), and body!!! I can’t. And believe me, this world we reside in for such a very short time, is getting darker and darker and is filling up with evil manifesting in every area. Brothers and sisters, coming to God is free, accepting Jesus as your Savior, being filled with the Holy Spirit is your protection and much much more than that……its LIFE. Life forever. Never think your not “good enough” or that this is some difficult process. Come as you are, God already knows what we’ve done, what we’ve been through, He is full of mercy and grace……Jesus took our sin upon Himself for us, He took back the keys from hell, delivered us from certain eternal death. Hook up with Him, He will stick closer than a brother, He will always and forever “have your back”, When He died for ALL of us, He sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us, to strengthen us, to teach us, to heal us….Lord, there is so much more I could go on and on…..If you give God an inch, He will give you LIFE, LIGHT, LOVE. If you give satan an inch, he will KILL, STEAL and DESTROY your life and everything he can. God gives, satan takes!!! This is no mystery, friends. Theres no secret hidden agenda! People blame God for all the bad that happens in the world, sickness, disease, tragedy, etc. That’s not from God Almighty…….He sent Jesus to give us life and life more abundantly!!! As a registered nurse who has seen way more than I wish i have, I could NEVER LIVE WITHOUT THE LORD IN AND THROUGHOUT MY LIFE. Peace to all and seriously, God bless you in the Mighty name of Jesus!!!
      Lydia 🙂 Phillipians 1:6

  • Josh 1 year ago

    Really good points in the story. A good reminder for me that in this crazy universe I need Jesus/Yeshua in my life. Also great Talib Kweli track.

  • pdube 1 year ago

    That man turned his back on God, Jesus and his family and he kills his own child, he got what he deserved, Of course when everything goes wrong for him he wants the Lord’s forgiveness typical.

  • Samiam77 1 year ago

    Woah! Now that’s a story!!!

  • greggyk1 1 year ago

    I’ve had more internet scammers trying to con me out of all my money coming out of Ghana than anywhere else. No lie. So don’t act like you are above us white American Christians.


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