Dogman ATM


  • Black Heart 11 months ago

    That and the “Heat of the Night” scared me AND brought back memories.

  • Kirk Duer 11 months ago

    Bad situation to be in

  • boricua1972 11 months ago

    Hey Dark! Can you please fix the audio file for the alaskan expedition killing bigfoot? Also cannot find the story of the kid driving with his dad in the new slingshot!

  • Ricky 8 months ago

    That was scary as fuck! Not me either, I’ll be gone in the wind. Lol good narration I love this topic,, it sometimes haunted my dreams before I knew they exist.

  • A-Bomb79 7 months ago

    That’s why I travel with plenty of weapons. Good stuff DW

  • Jdabomb 3 months ago

    Yea you dodged a bullet. They were gonna rob you. But that’s nothing, compared to being attacked by a Dogman. So I’d say you dodged 2 bullets…


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