30 Replies to “DOGMAN: THE HUNT”


    My daughter and I love your dogman stories.. Thanks.. Some of the best times we have had have been listing to your narrations.. Thank you..

  2. Gramps92

    Whoa this is crazy these creatures and their tactics and intelligence you can’t go hunting in the woods unless you have a belt strapped with grenades and a semiautomatic big bore rifle just enjoy your hobby crazy crazy !!! anyways great story DW , bro you have a way of telling your stories to bring your audience into visual mode IMAX style

  3. FirstSon

    Wow sounds like genetically modified soldiers teaming up with Triangle head to hunt down a Dogman! Possibly! Either way this shit is extreme AF!! You are the apex of this true paranormal shit DW! Hats off

  4. atedwards

    Steve Quail has been talking about these giant soldiers for years. Crazy! And you do see and hear some weird stuff in the woods at night, even when there’s no cryptids and super soldiers around.

  5. chickadeezN

    I dunno why a squadron of people advanced enough to deal w dm would have green lights portraying their presence thoe unless it was designed to be used against or for them some how thoe🤷‍♂️. Also don’t leave ur girl around these soldiers apparently

  6. Aephereus

    I kinda feel sorry for dogman and bigfoot if they are being hunted down like this.
    We should just leave them alone. They are just trying to live their lives like us.
    If they would’ve wanted to wipe us out they would’ve done so already.

  7. charlee37

    Yo dark bro i thought you did real stories? This is a creepy pasta . literally almost the same name of the creepy pasta. Whats up ?

  8. John Karnaghon

    I’m thinking that these specific dogmen were interdimensional and so were the beings chasing them. Why, I couldn’t say, maybe they’re escaped war experiments or just experiments of some kind.

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