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  1. Great story D.W. Does anyone have an idea of how these dogmen have came to be? Were they manufactured, genetically modified or are they just cryptids like Bigfoot

    1. Who knows? It’s crazy. Some say they’ve been here longer than us, like bigfoot. But they’d have to be genetically manufactured. They look like something created by man.

      1. There’s also ancient Mayan history written about when there culture migrated to areas thought to be Illinois and Wisconsin (there have been step pyramids in both states discovered), but for sure north thru the US landmass from south America. There stories have encounters with them and even trading with them. The dogmen had communities in different areas of what is now the US. According to Mayan history. ( If I remember correctly it is the Mayan, but it very well could be the Aztec instead).

    2. I’m no expert but have done a bit of research about the dogman. In Egypt this goes back to a long time ago they talk about the dog-human in their scripts & there was a village that were all dogman & they all vanish don’t know what happened to them all they were just gone I don’t know if what is being seen now are descendants of them or not could they have spread out & made their way to the US I don’t know I just don’t know what to think I have more questions than answers. My farther had a encounter with one of those dogman we didn’t know what it was & back then there was no internet to find out what it was my dad told me he was dam lucky to still be alive. But there are so many possibilities where they came from are many what are they something that is very dangerous & may be evil there is no answers about those dogman

  2. Yo, my guy..thats amongst the sickest accounts ive heard yet from ur catalog. Details like dreaming about what one was seeing, the 2way psychic connect could be bc that was the wolf who bit him. Obviously they didn’t want him dead, If this is based on fact of course. A lot to learn if its true, he basically became one of them after surviving an attack without reporting physically turning into one. Maybe he was safer having that mark on him, he could have been safer than ever with them protecting him. Now they like oh ok. Now we kno who not to forget to eat next time we C yo ass in the woods

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