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  1. atedwards

    Maybe if you’re as wise as King Solomon you can get away with summoning demons to do your bidding, but the rest of us need to leave that stuff alone. I think ol’ boy needs to go back to that hospital, find that chaplain and start praying.

  2. OhSuzannna

    My Mom just die two months ago, it very painful to deal with, she was pretty much the only one I really truly trusted and depend on and now I must give my all my trust to God. I just hope this man soul will be saved. Cause I understand why this man did what he had done, but I don’t think it worth the cost.

    • victor

      My father raised me he was my whole world and was only 56 when he died. When he died I realized he was the only male who would never want anything from me being female. I never had any paranormal problems until after he died and that’s when I turned to God.

  3. reginaecaeli

    Yeah…when you make your, uh, request…you gotta make SURE it’s iron clad, 360° impenetrable. Which is really hard. The cliché of how you formulate “wishes”, like in the 90’s horror movie “WISHMASTER”?…all true. You can’t leave anything out. “I want to be a billionaire” type thing…not good enough. I’ll give you a tip tho, to any aspiring summoner/next desperate “retard” lol…just for good measure, when you ain’t sure (see, it even rhymes), add THIS to your request: i want *blahblahblah insertyourwishhere blahblahblah*…”AND THIS WITH HARM TO NONE AND THE BENEFIT OF ALL INVOLVED/FOR THE GOOD OF ALL INVOLVED”. By no means will it protect you or your loved ones/some poor sod fully…but it will cut your losses by a great deal. There is indeed always a price. Usually an unforeseen and “inconvenient” one. That’s why it is always best to act out of love, including when formulating wishes to a demon/old God lmao.
    And I don’t mean love as in “that sappy shit”, I mean LOVE, as in, the FREQUENCY our brain switches to (yes, measured in mega Hertz) when us human beings get “into our feelings”. THAT is one, if not THE one secret of the universe. If you can get to keep yourself into that frequency range at all times while here on this Earth/in 3D, truly you have mastered your purpose in this life. That’s when the “law of attraction” works INSTANTLY, also. That is, as well, why all religions always make such a big deal about acting and reacting out of LOVE. The Jesus “turn the other cheek” being one of them, etc etc etc…When you reach that zone, nothing negative can happen to you. Only beautiful things. That is why to control human beings you do all you can to put them into a state of perpetual fear -being the opposite frequency range of love- which in turns attracts only negative shit…which feeds “certain” entities, makes them more material into 3D. Get it tho? “God is love/devil is fear/hate”? We take it metaphorically, but truly it is all quantum physics and universal law 101. Ok…guess I’ll stop my unsolicited wannabe occult lessons here for now lol…eh at least…now you know how to protect yourself… sorta.

  4. waltmagetwo

    Great Story Dark Waters as always! Working with any Demonic or Fallen Angel on that level is tremendously dangerous. That particular being is not one to mess with unless you have allot of protection and experience. I see why you had so many rough nights after finishing this story. I Know his power and effect he can have on this World. But, He is not invincible. There is a saying among magickal practitioners, ” Never summon what you can’t put down!” My advice to this person would be to find a strongly spiritual practitioner who has experience dealing with these situations. Cleanse and Banish those energies in the house. Learn how to ground and shield yourself. Finally, find a spiritual mentor to guide you forward.

  5. Boadicea

    Dang Dark Waters you really know how to hook people on the content. I know that you want high quality and it takes time and lots of effort …. but… I crave more and more…. sigh… Just love your stuff.

  6. Mr. Hollywood

    Yo!!! Awesome my brother! You never cease to amaze. These stories just keep getting better and better. I do ha e a question thought, it’s scary to even imagine dealing with anything demonic or fallen type. Any who, D. W, is a fallen angel a demonic thing? What’s the difference between a fallen angel and a demon? Which is worse or are they on the same level evil wise? Is a fallen angel even evil? Idk. Any way thanks for your time in doing these stories for all of us. We know you go through a lot and we just Want to Thank you!

  7. hazelgoodshepherd

    Dark Waters, I actually cried when I reflected on how this person didn’t feel they deserved prayer. If at all possible, please send him a message for me…

    Dear stranger,

    I was genuinely moved by the lengths you were willing to go to help your mother. My father is fighting cancer too, so I can definitely appreciate the feeling of utter helplessness. While I have also had my share of demonic interaction primarily in my younger days, I cannot imagine the horrors you must be enduring right now. And because of that, I feel compelled to tell you that there IS an escape, a reconciliation and a lasting peace and security…

    Maybe you feel you have crossed the line. That whatever you did has somehow cut you off from God. Well, please hear me now. That is an outright lie, Satanic propaganda meant to keep you in the thralls of self-induced misery and under the boot of demonic domination. The truth is Jehovah is ALWAYS there for you. You need only call out to Him, admitting you need the help only He can give.

    Don’t take my word for it though, my dear brother by blood. Read the Bible, particularly 2 Kings Chapter 20.

    Manasseh was one of the most wicked kings ever to rule over Judah. He was not more than 12 when he lost his father, and the Bible says Manasseh “proceeded to do what was bad in Jehovah’s eyes.” (Verses 1, 2) He descended to gross idolatry and cruelty. He set up altars to false gods, offered his own sons in sacrifice, practiced spiritism, and put a graven image in Jehovah’s temple in Jerusalem. What is more, stubborn Manasseh refused to heed repeated warnings from Jehovah, the God whose miracle had enabled his birth.​—Verses 3-10.

    Finally, Jehovah allowed Manasseh to be taken in fetters to Babylon. There, in exile, Manasseh had a chance to reflect on his course. Did he now see that his impotent, lifeless idols had failed to protect him? Did he think back to the things his godly father had taught him as a child? Whatever the case, Manasseh had a change of heart. The record says: “He softened the face of Jehovah his God and kept humbling himself greatly . . . And he kept praying to Him.” (Verses 12, 13)

    Jehovah was touched by Manasseh’s sincere repentance. God heard his pleas for mercy “and restored him to Jerusalem to his kingship.” (Verse 13) In proof of his repentance, Manasseh then did what he could to rectify his wrongs, clearing out idolatry from his realm and urging his people “to serve Jehovah.”​—Verses 15-17.

    My brother… If an evil man, a father, sacrificed his own children to demonic gods could be forgiven and restored and protected by Jehovah God, then how do you think He views you by comparison..?

    How would a just, righteous and loving God view an innocent man, a son, who was willing to sacrifice his sanity, his livelihood and his spirit just to save his mother..?

    How do you think Our God views a man who was able to look a demon right in the face and reject all that this pretentious world could offer so that another could live..?


    Please… Go to Him, my brother. Tonight. Call Him by name. He has one, just like Azazel. Only it is infinitely more meaningful, more powerful. It is Jehovah… And petitioning Him is infinitely easier. Jehovah literally means “He causes to become.” And He is always on your side. Tell Him about how much you love your mother, how desperate and helpless you felt then. Tell Him about how isolated and alone you feel now.

    And play this music. From personal experience, the demons HATE it. Whenever I feel the hairs on my scalp standing on end as I lie alone in my bed at night, I simply say “Jehovah, please help me” and I flip on the computer, and this song banishes them INSTANTLY.

    Jehovah Is Your Name

    Give Me Courage

    The Revealing of God’s Sons

    Our Strength, Our Hope, Our Confidence

    Please… Let Jehovah back into your life, my brother. And find the association of His people. Visit a kingdom hall and learn just how precious you are amid the flock that Jesus has gathered. The chaplin was right about giving yourself over to the higher power. But no prayer is stronger than the one that you offer to Jehovah God yourself. If it worked for a wicked man with blood on his hands, then why wouldn’t it work for a man trying to save another person?

    21″And it shall be that everyone who calls on the name of THE LORD JEHOVAH shall receive life.’ ” ~ Acts chapter 2, verse 21 – Aramaic Bible in Plain English

    Peace, love and prayers always,

  8. Johnny

    I don’t think he was dealing with Azazel. Azazel one of the fallen angels was and still is bound by chains in the darkness beneath the desert until the day of judgement for corrupting men and women. There is information to be read supporting this. So how can he be summoned? I think this guy was dealing with Satan and his Minions more directly than he thought. Satan is the master of decption, but that is a whole other topic.

    • Zefel

      Azazel can only be summoned if he is released from his bounds which sadly happens whenever someone makes a deal with him the car accident was supposed to kill him to put his soul in his place all entities have the power to communicate through the persons mind or an object so from the very first person who died after making a deal with Azazel has actually freed him it may be that there is evidence of him still there but thats because he technically is and when a new deal is made the old one is replaced because a human soul is not ment for Azazel’s prison it is weakened and Azazel is drawn back unless he can find his next victim before then. Also the devil did help because it allows him more souls in the end.

  9. Johnny

    I wanted to add one more thing. Never ever summon anything dark ever!!!!! No love or good comes from it ever!!!!! If you want to summon anything, summon the power of God through prayer and faith (belief). Jesus walked on water because he believed he could. Hence the law of attraction. And the word retard is an understatement. Unbelievable the stupid shit people do for whatever reason. And if your loved one is dieing and God allows this to happen, then it’s his will. Besides what’s wrong with leaving this crappy place we live in where we are surrounded by darkness because this is where it dwells, to be with the father in the light surrounded by love. People’s stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

  10. Sunclov

    Look up EA Koettings ” become a living God” the next generation is summoning demons on the regular and it’s becoming mainstream/ commercial, it’s crazy!

  11. hilldwler420

    Hate to be a buzz kill but is there any eta for the Apple version of these stories ? I’m not “demanding” anything except what I pay for that’s all. I’m sure I’m not alone in this so………. I would think this would be a top priority.

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