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  1. Maggie B. Washburn

    I’m just discovering the YT channel and had to come after further review (…”in there like swim wear”😏)

  2. Barb

    Good for this story-teller; it isn’t easy turning one’s back on everything they desire. I married into an, umm, INTERESTING family. 1st year of marriage, hubby & I were invited to a Xmas party hosted by his daddy’s “club.” It took YEARS for me to realize that my husband & I were the ONLY nonmembers present, so I GET that odd, “spoken about” feeling. We got a similar offer to the storyteller…we’d be millionaires before we turned 30 (I was 27 then) & enjoy only success if only I would allow hubby to join the “club.” Having been a person who avoided confrontation my whole life, it surprises me to this day that I flashed my response back, telling the “auspicious leader” that unless he explained an “incantation” & WHERE it was directed, as a b4 dinner “prayer,” the answer was “not in THIS lifetime.” The whole room was watching, but it was my husband’s look of gratitude that registered the most. To narrow down the “club,” these folks proudly call themselves Luciferians, NOT satanists. & we never had it easy after that, but we weren’t slaves either.


      Good for you! You can’t take money,fame,silver or gold! Life on earth is nothing more than a blink of a eye, eternity is a very longtime! 70-80 years of wealth and fame for a eternity of the worst pain and torture anyone can imagine. No thanks you made the right choice God Bless

  3. Thunder017

    Its story’s like this I really like from you Mr. water’s that’s why I am back. thank you so much. No one do it like you bro.

  4. Willie B Courthers Jr

    It literally feels like I’m watching a movie when listening to DW. He paints a visual picture with words. This is why DW is a step above the rest. Regarding this story I think I have encountered one or two Olivias in my life.

  5. Truprophet45

    I could only find Olajuwon and Robinson but it does not fit, completely! The scoring does but the career does not fit. The 93 season fits the story almost perfectly!

  6. Jreid

    Over and over in the bible, it shows and tells what happens to man once he decide to leave his 1st love which is God, especially when we decide to follow women over him. And it seems in California it’s the devil’s home, all the evil rich people roam there. When we decide to put god to the side for anything in the world especially a woman, oh our life walks many paths instead of the path we were on the straight and narrow one, but alot of us want to walk the wide path with everyone because we don’t want to miss out on life. This was a great story

  7. Scott Brewer

    DW the opening of the story is one of the most inspirational clips I have ever heard. I have had that full clip book marked for a while now so I can go back and listen to it whenever I need to. Selling your soul to the devil for fame and fortune is just the pathway to the lake of fire for an eternity. The Bible tells of the rich man looking up from hell at the beggar in Heaven and begging him for a drop of water to ease his torment. Selling out for fame and fortune here on earth is not worth the eternity of fire that awaits you.

  8. Adrian

    Looks like the father just wanted the daughter to entice these men to sell their souls for the devil, and she very much went through a lot of SRA (satanic ritual abuse) which is why she had multiple personalities, sad. She’s heavily demon possessed too.

  9. JMoods0611

    I tried to figure out who either of the 2 players were and I think the guy who played for the heat was brian shaw. Not really sure but Id like to know

  10. Tiffany L Riddick

    Awesome story DW……But I wanna know what’s the deal with his agent hooking him u with a satan worshipper🤔 I’m wondering if he knew maybe🤷🏾 Ya never know and if he did thats fucked up.


    Thank you for another Amazing Story. You have always made sure that the audience is left on the edge of their seats! We are soooo looking forward to hearing about this Russian Dogman Story coming “Down the pipeline .” Also , I thought the minister was great! What’s his name if we want to listen to more of his ministry.
    Thanks so much,
    Ty and Sally

  12. atedwards

    I would like to say Thank You to this NBA player for sharing his testimony in Christ. I’m also thankful DW runs the kind of platform where this gentleman knew he could share this with us.

  13. Dont Afk

    Mmm Kay. The story convince me to be a luciferian. Thanks DW. This is precisely the confirmation I was looking for.

  14. Panthersnyc28

    I went through the records etc etc and the closest person I can think of is Glen rice. Had a game where he scored 40 on the rockets. But I don’t even know

  15. abstractpain

    Maybe Danuel House Jr? He played for Texas A&M and is a current Rocket. DW played audio from Matt Thomas announcing the players. I live here in Houston. Matt Thomas does the play by play for Houston Rockets. He also does local sports show here in afternoons on Sports Talk 790AM station. So from that audio, and the player played for A&M and the Rockets (current player). I’m guessing it is him? Any ways, it was great story telling DW much love and respect. Take care and God bless!

  16. Jasoner83

    And I love these stories more than the cryptic stuff that you share… To me this is more accurate as to the battle between good and evil..

  17. Anna Aquino

    I’m glad you found Jesus Christ and claimed Him as your Lord and Savior; but you were playing with the devil way before you met Olivia. Thank God for showing you the Righteous path. Blessings of Light and Love always!

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