26 thoughts on “Sabine River Dogman Encounter”

  1. Omg,that story scared me so bad.what those poor guys had to go through that horrible night of terror. I too would had been so scared that my soul would had left my body as well fleeing in terror. I pray I never ever see a dogman at all.me seeing Bigfoot more then 3 times is enough for me and I have proof on photo.be safe everyone and God bless you all everyone. Thank you so very much DW for sharing and narrating this incredible story.

  2. I live in Starks Louisiana. The Sabine river is less than a mile from me. Rule#1 Always be alert #2 always pack enough firepower to go to war. #3 If your able to flee don’t be a dumbass get the Hell outta their. They have certain areas you just don’t go. Don’t start none won’t be none!!

  3. I can’t access the Sabine River Dogman Audio clip. Even though I’m a member. It will only let me watch it on YouTube.

  4. Another great story Dark!! These creatures amaze me but I never want to come across them. Keep up the great work!!!

  5. What the Hell is these creatures and what is there origin and why are they here and why our government do not kill these Damn things because they are a public Danger to us

  6. Look at series True Blood
    This may answer some questions about Paranormal shit , Louisiana & Cryptids
    Why people wanna kill what they don’t understand?? Remember God is spelled Dog backwards

  7. Dw hi love your show I am a truck driver over the road I have been in pa on I80 mm137 on both side are tree stucher what bigfoot make I did not no bigfoot . I have learn a lot from you and bigfoot outlaws and wes. Please you call me at 417 912 9200 I do have a head set thank you for your time and keep them coming thank you for your show

    Your big fan
    Bill day

  8. I usually listen to this kind of stories to sleep but when i listen to your stories my hart starts bumping hard and i am well awake.these wolfmans make me confused,they cant be natural if they take bullets and dont get hurt but they hunt to eat and piss on cars and to mark frontiers?

  9. In the Bible

    Luke 21:26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken

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