1. Sheilanoelle777

    This sounds like a good protocol for anyone with “morgellons”. Which Ive been diagnosed with and struggling terribly. I always questioned the people who claimed to have it, and now here I am. And it’s fucking kicking my ass. I FEEL like how I would think the people whove been vaccinated would feel. I’m so afraid I’m not gonna be here for my babies. Thanks DW gonna look into the ones I’m not already taking. 🙏

    • cellphoneman

      Hi…this IS a good protocol!…but pls also check out someon called Anthony William “medical medium” on youtube….his information on “celery Juice” and other detox protocols has healed millions over 35yrs!….good luck 🙂

  2. meadowknight82

    Please pray for my mother, father, and little sister…they think the vax is 100% safe and all lined up as soon as they could. They won’t listen to me, so I cna’t even share this with them :(. They are Christian (so am I), but totally blinded by mainstream media. Please pray God opens their eyes, and preserves their health :(.

  3. 1029Becca

    Thanks so much. The vax was forced on me as I am a long term care nurse. I have also added aspirin 325mg to this regimen to prevent blood clots. My labs are looking good as far as liver enzymes go right now.

  4. dogman2020

    Recommending ivermectin in an off label use is super stupid. This drug is toxic and not meant to be taken as a preventative for COVID 19.

  5. monacoleman69

    Thank you so much for sharing. I haven’t taken the venom nor do I intend to. I would rather die first. But I m not familiar with Chaga Tea. Where can I find this? Thank you DW for all that you do and may Yah bless you immensely.

    Mona H.

  6. monacoleman69

    I found the Chaga Tea so please disregard that question. I love teas so I’ll order this. I just want to bolster my immune system and pass along to others who may want to do the same. I’m trying to get healthy from the inside out and I know it starts at the cellular level. Thanks so much for these nuggets of wisdom because they’re better than gold.

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