11 thoughts on “Sins Of The Father”

  1. Hi Dark Waters, this was a very creepy story. That Lisa woman must’ve had some serious problems in order to send a demon after a sweet, innocent child. Wherever that guy & his family are, I hope all’s well with them

  2. Good story and great story telling DW! Much friendship and love from Carlsbad, Ca. Thank you!

  3. Daaaaamn All praises to TMH for not letting that happen to my children. DW another great one thanks for letting us hear this one.

  4. Can you imagine how miserable he’d be if he had chosen Lisa? I’m glad he called on Jesus to save his daughter.

  5. Very creepy, I’ve never had anything that extreme happen to me, but I can atest that demon’s are real, and darkness has to submit to the light of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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