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  1. dw i wanted to say im glad you have this website and can truly do what you were meant to do. I was really excited to hear the dogman story and about what you will have on your site. I will be subscribing so i can have access to the wonderful content you provide, and only you can provide-plus the behind the scenes stuff you will have for your subscribers. looking forward to the round tables. really miss your live streams. vault is still on his hiatus and im sorely missing you all.

  2. Good Morning Dark,
    I know how you feel about this particular topic. I’m looking for direction on finding a legitimate Hoodoo Doctor here in New Orleans. Any help or direction you can give I would greatly appreciate.
    On another note, I’ve been following you for sometime now and enjoy everything you put out. I’m looking forward to the new content you have coming in the near future. Keep up the good work!


  3. Okay; this took a lot of courage because I’ve been ridiculed so much, for what happened to me. My grandfather owned a cabin. I’m not disclosing the location of it, due to the fact that I don’t want anything to happen to anyone. Anyway; my grandfather’s cabin was his way of getting the family together for the holidays, so he could have a nice Sunday dinner with all of us.

    One day, all of a sudden, that all stopped abruptly. He wouldn’t allow anyone, but himself, to visit the cabin we all looked forward to going to and cherished. For years, I would ask him why he was doing that. He never told me why, but when he passed, he left the place to me. I inherited the cabin of my childhood and was ecstatic about that. It was soon after that, I realized why he did what he did. I would go out and walk the woods, on game trails, which are everywhere. I know these woods like I know my own home, so I never had any reason to fear them. It was on one of these walks that I encountered what people call “Dogmen.”

    I was walking, just like any other time. Nothing was different. It was then, on one of the game trails, I noticed an offshoot, small trail that went only 6 to 7 feet back. I could see that something had bedded down there. I thought it was a deer. I then walked in the bedded area. I soon realized that this was an ambush point for whatever made this bedded area and it was massive! My arm hairs stood erect and a chill literally ran down my spine! I felt as if I was being watched from different vantage points. Since it was nighttime, I had a tracking flashlight and my sidearm. The latter of which I drew and kept at the ready. I genuinely feared for my life at this point. All of a sudden, an ungodly growl was made to my right, about 10 to 15 yards from me (very close indeed). I pissed myself. It was so terrifying! I didn’t immediately run, fearing that whatever it was might take me as threatening. I turned and started heading back on the main trail and when I was about 5 minutes from the back door of my cabin, this thing let out a howl that I swear felt like it went right through my body! I then proceeded to run. As soon as I did, this thing was chasing me. For every 5 steps I took, this thing was taking 1. That’s how fast this Dogman was! I heard the sounds of branches being ripped off trees and I could have sworn I felt the vibrations of it running after me. I barely made it to my cabin and slammed the door, locking the 2 deadbolts and chain lock. I then turned on my spotlight and shined it into the tree line. There were 3 sets of eyes in the tree line that shined vivid yellow, with enormous, black pupils! I felt as if the thing could read my mind, but I’m not sure it could. All I know is that I’m alive and have since heard them many times, but I don’t take night hikes anymore and haven’t for years

    1. hello-forgive me for being so forward but i just joined DWs site here-i have listened to him for months and am part of the family as we all call ourselves . I truly believe you. It must be terrible to have seen this creature and most people dont believe you. I know you are leaving this encounter for DW to read-but wanted you to know there are alot of people out there and most of them suscribe to this site, who do believe you.

  4. This is only the first part. I have more on my encounter. So i will post the last part of my encounter. They didnt just leave.

  5. Dark Waters,
    I am happy you made this site. I have enjoyed many hours of listening to your stories, or the adventures of others I should say, on youtube while I work away at my desk. I have been a RN for 20 years, with my own encounters with those who have passed. I was raised in Mansfield, and lived in the Wallace community while going to school at Pelican-All Saints High school. While there I had what would be a “Crypitide” encounter at the age of 17 with a panther. I do remember hearing tree knocks and seeing trees pulled down into the forms I have seen other Bigfoot hunters show while waking through the woods or hunting. Looking forward to what all you have to offer. Yours, Timothy D Lord, now of Corvallis, OR.

  6. Hello Darkh2o, I would love to submit a story to you about my first visit to NOLA. However, is a very long, is it okay to just leave it here?

    1. Yes…go to the submit encounter link on front page and submit it there. I’m reading this site all day long baby.

      1. That is awesome! I am a longtime listener very new subscriber to the website. But after seeing your livestream, I am tempted just to call in to chat that way.

        1. This is the story of the very first time I visited New Orleans, in June of 2005. I was 15 years old and it has haunted me since in so many ways. I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans, even before I truly knew what it was. My mum tells me when I was very little I told her about my favorite made up place – I really thought I’d made it all up. A place that had towering statues of angels and a man on a horse that glittered like gold. I told her in my dreams I live here and sing sad songs in a house with lots of open doors, lots of smoke and not much light. I told her blood and Magic soaks the streets and monsters hide behind the angels. Then I found out it was a real place and became obsessed with getting there. I’m still obsessed.

          I had this great auntie that used to visit us in Florida. She made these beautiful old style silk nightgowns for my mother and I every year. She was lovely and kind, a teacher and avid reader, very old south – to the point of a shot of so-co in her tea and one before bed “to keep away the night scares.” Sadly she passed and mum and I drive out to Alabama for the funeral. That’s when everything started to go pear shaped.

          I’m an only child and my mother and I are alike in as many ways as we are different, this causes a lot of arguing and such now that I’m older but not at this time. We had always got on famously up till then, on that trip, as soon as we crossed over into Alabama. We would bicker and my mum started to make scary choices, like letting a young teen with no license drive I-10.

          As soon as we get to the service, we lock our keys in the car. My auntie left me a book, but when I picked it up, family squabbles start up to the point of near violence. In a huff, my mum decided we would go on to New Orleans to calm down and give the grieving time to accept that we were not there to cause trouble. I kept the book. It seemed important that I did.

          As soon as we leave, things improve for me but darken for my mother. She begins to get tremors, has a hard time speaking like her voice is all tied up. I could see in her eyes she had something to say but it was like she was trapped and couldn’t spit it out. I began to recognise there was something very wrong here, but my desire to see the crescent city allowed me to push my concerns into the back of my mind. I HAD to get there, HAD to see that it was real.

          We finally arrive, she has gotten very erratic and I am elated.

          You know the feeling you get when you come home after a long day at work and kick off your shoes then collapse in your favorite chair? That sort of feeling washes over me when we hit the bridge.

          We check into the garden district hotel we booked for one night, called the castle. I have since looked it up, it’s been sold and is now a private residence. Since it was late, we hunkered down for the night. The room we stayed in was on the second floor and we shared a bed. I had a vivid dream of a little blonde child, she was calling for me to find her and I was chasing her through the house. I knew I was her mother in this dream because I knew the instant her voice turned from playful to terrified. I ran up to the third flood and down a dark hallway into a room with no windows where the girl was standing in a white silk nightgown covered in blood. she was crying and grabbed onto my legs, lashing out, scratching at me and telling me I was too late, why did I take so long? I woke up crying and quietly got out of bed, my white silk nightgown, that my great auntie made that year before she died, was covered in blood from deep scratches in my legs.

          I was a little shaken but I had to know. So against my better judgment I leave the room and go up to the third floor. I find the door exactly where I knew it would be, with the same hallway and windowless room. While I was walking down the hallway I heard a little girl crying and my hair stood on end. I was standing in the middle of the room when my mum found me I don’t know how long later. She took me outside to the designated smoking area and while she lit up, she told me it had all been a nightmare and not to worry then she took me back and tucked me in. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep.

          The next day when we went downstairs for breakfast, I told the owner about my dream. He seemed upset and told me the little girl was a resident ghost. I thought he was crazy and told my mum, she laughed and told me to go pack my things, we would check into another hotel. We did, but that hotel was the Monteleone on Royal. In case anyone is wondering, yeah, it’s haunted too. As soon as we put our bags in the room, my mum seemed to get worse. She suggested we go down to Bourbon Street and see the sights. It was fun if not strange. We make our way to Jackson Square and Cafe Du Monde. We get our cafe au lait and beignets then find a walking tour we want to take that night. The tour is supposed to be fun and includes a stop at a vampire bar before it ends back in Jackson Square. Everything goes well and we are having a lovely day up till nightfall when my mum seems to get even worse and I have developed a totally different personality myself, we are grabbing drinks from bars and sharing a pack of cigarettes. May I remind you, I am very underage at this point and I would like to firmly say these are things my mother would NEVER allow, EVER.

          So we are having this crazy time, as I’m sure is common in the city, that is until the tour stops at the vampire bar. A tall man in a large top hat spots me and starts conversation. He says to me, “I’m so glad to see you here, it’s been so long. You might not remember me, my name is —– and I am a vampire.” I’m thinking, this guy is nuttier than a nut log. The ‘vampire’ smiles, shakes my hand and tells me to be careful and have a good night. I laugh it off and tell my mum, she thinks it’s hilarious where she normally would have tracked him down and knocked him out cold for talking to her daughter. We leave the bar and the tour makes it’s way back to Jackson square where there are some psychics holding out for the drunken crowd. Mum and I walk passed them hoping to get a cab back to the hotel, as my mum is flagging down a cab a woman grabs my arm. I startle and take in the old black woman’s appearance, she looks like a damn voodoo priestess I’d seen a picture of in a book. She looks me up and down, I am frozen. Part of my mind wants to run, the other knows I should be respectful to an elder. She seems to come to a conclusion and in a very thick creole accent she says words I will never forget as they seemed to give me a sort of validation, “You came back home, they know, they know you back and not gonna let you leave, not really. You need to watch out for your momma girl, she sick and they attacking her mind. You got to be strong, they crossed her.” then she smiled and hugged me before she pushed me off towards my mum.

          I thought everyone was crazy here. That thought turned out true in a way. The next 12 hours my mother became so irrational and ill that I called an ambulance. She was raging and demanding we had to leave because they kept telling her to leave me with them. She punched one of the paramedics that tried to separate me from her right before she seemed to just go limp like a ragdoll. At the hospital she punched a doctor and broke his nose before they sedated her, I remember them asking if she was on drugs, of course she wasn’t and they found that to be true after testing her. I stayed by her as long as I could, fighting with child services when they tried to come take me away. I finally managed to get a nurse to let me use a phone to call my father, he sent someone for me from our family in Alabama. When they picked me up we gathered our things from the hotel, I pulled out that book that my great auntie had left me, it was an antique collection of letters from the philosopher Cicero and was all in Latin. Inside was a note also written in latin, it roughly translated to ‘Many lives, one soul’.

          I still have the book. I still don’t know what it all means. I still have the obsession with New Orleans. Now that I am an adult, I visit at least once a year and I am looking forward to visiting again in the next month. Don’t get me wrong, I know this all sounds crazy and it is, but it’s also so vivid over a decade later.

          1. We need to talk….call me tomrrow evening, make sure you text first. You gonna skip the line on a few people


  7. I have told part of what happened which took a lot because i have been called crazy , insane so many times im starting to believe it myself. I am mentally stressed to the maximum there is to be stressed. I sent you, dark waters via text message my extensive work on The Dogman. I dont know If just disregarded it, don’t believe it, or whatever you think. Dont care really. I joined your site for this very reason. See ive tried to tell my story but falls on deaf, and close minded ears. Even a person that ive known for twenty years of friendship now wont speak to me because he thinks im crazy or insane, whats the difference right. Anyway, you have my work, not all of it, but three quarters at least. Do what you want with it. If you’ve deleted it already thats a shame.

  8. Hello Dark, I would like to recount a life-altering paranormal event that happened to me back in 1991. I did not think that you shared ghost stories, but after you suggested I check out Ghost Week, I decided to drop my story here.

    Let me preface this by saying that I first heard about you after hearing you on Darkness Radio. Since then, I’ve been hooked like a 2-pack-a-day chain smoker! Thank you for what you do.

    Back in 1991 I was in college and living at home with my parents. My maternal grandfather, let us call him Norman D, was in the hospital, in a coma and suffering from renal failure. Granddaddy was the love of my life, but ornery as hell! His wife, my Nana, passed away in ’89 and after over 50 years of marriage, he did not quite know how to live without her. He had been on dialysis for quite a while, cussing and screaming all the way. One day made the decision to just not go back for treatment and it did not take long for his health to go downhill…fast.

    So it is the weekend, between midnight and 1:00am. I had been on campus, hanging with friends, came home and was fast asleep. I mean sleeping hard. Since childhood I have slept with earplugs, a sleep mask AND with the room as cave-black as I can get it. All of a sudden I came directly and straight up out of a deep sleep.

    I sat up, pulled out my earplugs, lifted my mask – wondering what had awoken me. The first thing I noticed was how unnaturally quiet the house was. I knew everyone was asleep but this was beyond quiet. Then the cold hit me. Now I like sleeping in a cold room but I had goosebumps and I swear, if there had been any light in the room, I would have seen my breath! Naturally I thought the heat had broken or that my Dad was being his usual cheap self and had turned the thermostat WAY down after everyone hit the hay.

    Then I sensed a flurry of movement in the room. Like a zooming, quick, fluttery movement that was here, then there, then over there! I thought someone had broken into the house but by now I was too scared to even reach out and turn on my bedside lamp.

    The next sensation I got is difficult to articulate but I will try. All at once I was sensing three “things” at once. The first was abject terror and dread; as if a hand made of ice had physically reached through my chest and was gripping my heart. Piss on yourself fear. Turn your hair white fear. In my now 47 years of life, the only fear I’ve experienced that every came close to it was the time when my then 7 year-old son hid from me under a piece of playground equipment and I thought he had been snatched. That was scary. This was that ice-water in the veins type of fear.

    Secondly, I felt that I was being chased by something powerful, dark and terrifying. It was as if my life truly depended upon my fleeing and staying ahead of whatever was behind me.

    Lastly, I felt what I can only describe as DEATH itself. In an instant I got a mental image of the fucking Grim Reaper, moving without its feet touching the ground. Something or someone was being chased, by Death, through my house, and was trying to hide in my room! Of that I had no doubt.

    All I could do was silently cry, pray the Lord’s Prayer (that, and the Sunday School song Jesus Loves Me, were the only religious things I could bring to mind), and pull the covers up over my head.

    After about 2-3 minutes the sensations passed. It seemed as if the room warmed up but it could have been the result of me just breathing so hard under the covers. I called my boyfriend and told him what took place. Of course he said I was just dreaming.

    About an hour later, my parents’ phone rang. It was my aunt, saying Granddaddy had passed…about an hour prior. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Was that Granddaddy – confused and scared, not realizing that he was dead, running like the damned trying to flee Death’s grip? Where was he now? Where did he go? He came to me for help because we were so close, and I did not help him. Why did I not realize it was him?

    This freaked me OUT and has bothered me for the past 26 years. I never again sensed anything like it but not too many days pass without me thinking about it.

    I have only told this story to one person. It rattles me as if it happened yesterday. Whew.

    Once, a random woman who said she was a psychic, tried to give me an explanation for what I experienced. However, I did not know her from a can of paint, so she could have been lying.

    Well, thank you for providing a safe place for me to finally share this story without fearing being laughed at.

    Love and miss you Norman D.

  9. Hello DW,
    I shared a story with you but it was only one and that was actually my first memory of an encounter with the paranormal. We lived in an old Victorian house on the corner not too far from Jeffrey Dahmer that crazy ass serial killer. Late 80’s. My mom & I were sleeping in my brothers room on the second floor, idk why. I got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and fucking freddy Krueger was in the hallway looking at me. He was crouched down. I wasn’t the type of kid to scream idk why, so I very cautiously proceeded to the bathroom. He was on the opposite side still crouched every step I took he took one but kept distance. I finally got to the bathroom and was scared as ever to leave. When I finally left it was gone. Now I know Freddy Krueger isn’t real but what the hell manifested to me? There was something there for sure! Also that same house my older brother went missing when my mom found him he was sweating in the dinning room closet saying prince’s daddy from purple rain was chasing him. Yes I know this sounds absurd however it really happened. i remember my older brother’s often speak of a dark figured man standing on the stairs. Just standing there not doing anything. In the attic of the house my mom had a rocking chair in front of the window that used to “rock’ by itself. Creepy. I couldn’t have been any older the 6yrs old because we moved from that house when I was 6. Shortly after we moved from there the house was burnt down. To this day it’s still a vacant field. No one ever built anything there although there are residential homes all around.

    My mom used to tell me about her encounters when she was a young girl in a home she lived with her parents & siblings. She shared a bed with one of her older sisters. The attic door was attached to their room. My mom said they had a table with a tea set, set up in their room & one night when she woke up four little old ladies came out the attic door and were talking among themselves. They then proceed to the table and “have tea’. My mom kept hitting her sister to wake her up and she when did my aunt got scared and covered her face the blanket. My mom said another night she woke up to a white man sitting at the end of her bed. His hair was slicked back , he wore an impeccable black suit and just starred at her. She kept hearing “kill yourself, kill yourself, what do you have to live for”. I asked my mom did she hear this in her head or actually like another person was saying it. She paused and said no one ever asked her that, she wasn’t sure, but she kept saying “his eyes, his eyes”. She says the man was the devil! My mom then said when they 1st moved in the house they found an old wooden chest filled with all type of nazi stuff. Symbols and pictures. My uncles used to put the pictures on the walls and shoot darts at them. I don’t know if that has any relevance to the activity but I thought it was interesting. One of my uncles tried to walk out the window on the second floor. They said he was just sleep walking but then my aunt was committed to a mental hospital because she had a mental break down because of the paranormal activity. She just couldn’t handle it. This is the same aunt that shared the bed with my mother and saw the old ladies and “devil”. Who knows what else she saw in the house I never spoke with my aunt about this.

    The next experiences that occurred for me started happening in the early 90’s when we moved back in with my father. My room for whatever reason was the most haunted. I used to collect angel figurines. I had them all around my room. The angels would go fall and break no matter where I set them at. The thing is only the white angels would break, none of my black angels would ever get messed with. I had a table set up with different angels displayed and one day one of them went missing. I looked all around couldn’t find it and even accused my older brother of taking it and giving it to his girlfriend. Of course he denied doing that but I didn’t believe him. Months later I go in the basement to wash clothes and it’s sitting in the middle of the dryer. I was so confused. Such an odd place to find it.

    My parents room was in the basement ,my room was sorta above theirs so I could hear when my mom would cry. I would go downstairs to check on her and she would be chilling watching tv most of the time not crying. I’d say mom I just heard you crying what’s wrong now? She’d say it wasn’t her crying but something was crying loud enough for me to hear it.

    I have more stories to share. So much more has happened to me and even my daughter now in the house we reside in.

    Thanks for taking the time to listen.

  10. Hello Dark Waters,
    Iv’e worked in care for over twelve years and have had lots of ghost encounters but there is one I will never forget. I currently work in a care home to which i work night shift. the building situates over three floors. At the time only the first and second floors were open and had the nurse call linked up. I was working alongside my team leader who is a medium and sees spirits throughout the building on a regular basis. While I was working I heard the emergency buzzer go off. As I ran to see which number was buzzing; me and my team leader; realised it was on the third floor which had no residents and no nurse call linked up yet as it was still being furbished. My team leader said she had a funny feeling about it and refused to go upstairs. I decided to go up on my own and was handed the master key to the locked doors. As I entered the third floor I realised that all the lights were still on but were flickering in the corridor. As I walked down the corridor I had a this strange feeling that someone was following me. I unlocked the door and entered the room to turn the emergency buzzer off and completed a room check to make sure no one was within the room. I felt the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, as I turned around there was no one there. I proceeded to turn the lights off and close and lock the i was walking back along to corridor i checked doors to make sure that they were still locked. As I was putting in the key code to unlock the door I heard what sounded like two people talking in the other room. I opened the door to the small lounge to which the talking stopped. I noticed that in certain areas of the room were colder than others which gave me goosebumps. I checked to make sure all the doors were secure then I went around checking the windows but they were all closed and locked.
    I was halfway down the stairwell and the emergency buzzer went off again but now it was in multiple rooms. I knew there was no way anyone could have been on that floor because no one had walked past me and all the doors are key coded. I went back onto third floor to see all the lights back on and as soon as I opened the door i was met with a deadly silence with the distant ringing of buzzers. As I entered the rooms to turn the buzzers off I had noticed the light shade swinging on its own and the water running on the en suite. I turned off the water and all the lights again and closed the doors behind me. I wondered how the emergency buzzers could be going off on a vacant floor as all the buzzers are a two button push. I unplugged the lights and walked back down the stairwell onto ground floor. This continued multiple times throughout the night. Each time I went up on my own. On some occasions the table lamps in the foyer were switched on but I had unplugged them earlier in the night. As I walked down the corridor I saw shadows of people walking past closed doors and through locked doors. Each time I checked there was no one there. This all happened in one twelve hour shift. Now the third floor is open and to this day buzzers go off on their own, staff see people walking down corridors but no one is there and the lights flicker on and off.

  11. My story is so short but it’s very true. Came home from work at the time I was living with my brother as i had just moved back to michigan. So I cracked open a beer started playing call of duty same as any other day. Starting on my second beer I was sitting in the living room when I heard someone open up another beer I heard the gulping sound when you drink a beer and I heard the bottle top rolling on the ground from dropping it and I heard the exhale of someone that had just drank a beer. Assuming my brother had came home from work I started talking to him what’s up b**** how you been . I start asking him if he wants to play some pool or something later and he’s not responding. So I get up say hey b**** at look and there’s no one there I check the entire house no one’s there but I did find the bottle top. I wasn’t afraid or nothing I just assumed it was the spirit of the man that built the house he was the only owner before we moved in.

  12. Story 1. I can remember this like yesterday I was 15 when this happened I am 45 now this happened to my best friend jack and me he was 13 at the time I grew up in Huntsville tx my family has around 160 acres that has been in our family for around 100yrs the property boarders the Sam Houston National Forrest me and jack did a lot of hunting growing up on this particular day me and jack decided to go over to a pond that was in the Sam Houston national Forrest it was about a 2 mile walk from my home so we get to the pond and we see a guy standing across on the other side of the pond he walks over we start talking jack was carrying a marlin 3030 at the time which he did not like very much the guy asked jack if he was interested in trading the 3030 for a Remington 700Bdl 243 and he said yes right away only thing was the guy was at his house so we followed him back to his mobile home about a mile away in the complete opposite direction we came from we had to walk across hwy 190 this is the same hwy 190 that runs thru Texas into Louisiana the guys mobile was about a football field away from hwy 190 so they make the trade it is about dusk dark when we walk across hwy 190 and cross over to Sam Houston National Forrest and about this time I look to my left and about 40yds away is a white figure that was about 10-12 feet tall I asked jack what the fuck is that he said that’s just natural gas reflecting off the moon light so I’m like I guess so we get about 20yds down the trail and the hairs on my back stand up and this thing whatever it was was standing about 10-15 feet away at this point I told jack we need to go so we starting running down the trail when we finally made it back home I did not sleep well that night I was talking to jack about a week ago and I asked him you remember what happened when we were teenagers he said yeah that shit really happened we both agreed we were pretty stupid to follow a stranger to his house and trade for a gun the shit you do when you are young.

  13. Good evening Dark Waters,
    I don’t know if the story of “the green mountain falls monster” from Colorado would be of any interest to any body. But here it is as best as I can remember it. Green mountain fall is a small community in the Colorado Rockies not to far from Colorado Springs and is heavily wooded. It is the early 1980s when a series of big foot sightings started being reported, the common discrimination was nearly 7 feet in height and covered with dark fur. The subject was spotted in the woods on the out skirts of the town same time of day. For 2 years reports of a big foot in the area kept on coming, then they stopped. Noon could figure out what happened. My father had the answer, he had a friend he worked with at a local high school. Turns out his friend lived in the green mountain falls area and would exercise early in the morning. Well he nearly broke 7 feet in height and due to the cold he wore a large fur coat. We were watching the news man talking about the “green mountain falls monster” that’s when things started to connect for them. I still believe that we have Bigfoot troupe living in the Colorado Rockies plenty of hiding places out here.
    Have a good night

  14. while working for NYC ems Harlem sta 18 we get a call for an in counctious Dr in alphabet city on our screen shows possible second pt also priest on scene so we figured old doc maybe query family member sick and priest was for the last rights. if ur intrested on what turned out to be a full blown excorcism that was horrifying movie look cool n crazy but not even close to the horror of that job James 21555r7650. thanks DW….
    keep it up.

        1. So how do I get you my story dark waters let me know I’m grabbing your email trying to contact you I’m and I’ll give you my number I think you got it are you on vacation haven’t seen your live streaming love your stories very addictive I’m subscribing for 3$ a month good stuff

    1. Yes would you care to elaborate vault on who you are ? Also please tell us about your encounters. We would LOVE TO HEAR>>>

  15. Hey DW! Am trying to get my act together and join soon. Dont mind paying, but its complicated taking care of a house full of people and only me working. You know I work all the time, had to end our conversation while back cause I was at work! Plus, the ONLY obvious Paranormal activity I ever had was in an older home in Maryland. There were stories from previous tennants that they heard walking in the attic. Then my wife, child and I moved in. First my wife hears footsteps, but I am ay work. My teenage daugter hears footsteps on a diffetent day, again I am at work. Finally, one night am in bed with my wife, and we are watching TV. Having lived in apartments and dorms, the sound didnt seem odd at first. However, after three or four times I hear hard soled shoes walking across the ceiling….my wife and I stare in shock at each other. I race into the hallway, punch open the 3 foot by 3 foot attic entry coverboard above me, and proceed to run and jump up off the side wall (left huge hole in wall doing so), and pulled myself into the attic without aid of a ladder. I wanted to know, for my wife and daughter’s sake, that nobody was up there. 10 seconds oassed before I was in the attic, yet I saw nothing. Its unfinished, 4 feet high in the middle, slopes down to floor on both sides. Floor only had a couple boards across the beams, no way for anyone to walk upright. Snap! After a major I told you so from wife and daughter, I learned from a business next door that a lady owned the house 20 years before, but had to leave cause she couldnt stand to hear the walking when she was alone and moved out! ….Love your work DW….Greg Ellison (in your phone I bet. Sorry such a lame story, but thats all I got besides all the footage I saw and heard running The Vault at Discovery for decades.

  16. Hello Dark Waters,

    Here is my earliest encounter with the paranormal that I can recall, I have too many to count because being able to see spirits runs in my family but that’s a story for another time. I grew up between Tijuana and San Diego which is common for many Mexican Americans living in this area.
    Our house is at the edge of Tijuana close to Tecate. The Layout of the house is rectangular and sits toward the back left of the lot. I had my own room located right at the back of the house. For me it was normal to see shadows and things of that nature and I never gave it much thought. There was one that stood out that I started seeing when I was 5, He was a young boy who looked to be about my age. He would only let me catch glimpses of him when I would be in the back yard. I used to run past the side of the house as fast as I could because he would always chase after me and it would scare the life out of me. I would run into the kitchen heart pounding and my mother would ask what was wrong and I would try to explain the boy. She would stay silent and never really acknowledge what I was seeing. During the night I would hear digging outside my window almost every night like if someone was digging through gravel with a shovel but my dad had put in concrete long ago. I would get such an awful feeling like someone was right outside my window. I would sleep with the TV and light on attempting to ignore what was happening. Eventually he just because a part of life and I even named him Peter. We moved to San Diego and would come to stay in Tj every weekend and there he would be. There is a second part to this that didn’t unfold until I was 12 when in short everything blew over and I finally found out about my family’s ability. I have never written any of my experiences out before and it’s cathartic. Please excuse any mistakes English is not my first language.

  17. I was very close with my grandpa on my dad’s side of the family. Like super close. We used to watch Wrestling Everytime it was on, we played dominoes together, sometimes just hanging around doing nothing. Well we moved to san Antonio from corpus due to my moms job, so my time with him was less. It sucked.

    My dad’s side of the family were always weird to me because they all lived on the same street and we’re only every other house apart. My aunt, cousin, dad, and Grandpa. The part I always found weird is they never bothered visiting each other. I was the only one who would visit my grandpa.

    So anyhow, he had a bad hip and one day walking from bedroom to living room he fell . Like I said before no one would visit him except me. Unfortunately I was already living in San Antonio. Since no one visited him it was three days before anyone found him severely dehydrated. They rushed him to hospital but with his age and condition it was just too much.

    We get a call telling us after a week in hospital he wasn’t gonna make it through the night , and that we should make our way to corpus. By time we got there he had already passed and I wasn’t able to say goodbye.

    This was the day after Xmas. We go back to my dad’s house(my mom and dad were separated). I was laying on the floor partially under the Xmas tree. My mom and dad were talking but I wasn’t paying attention to what they were saying. Sounded like Charlie browns parents to be honest. For no reason I look up at the clock on the wall. It was a pedullum wall clock. Now this clock was given to my dad as a house warming gift from my. Grandpa. It was his until he passed it along to my dad.

    I then ask my dad what time did grandpa die? He said, 11:26. I pointed to the clock. The clock, while plugged in was dead on 11:26. My mom freaked out and tuned the hands of the clock.

  18. Hey Dark,

    Ok, so when I was in my twenties, I lived in Chicago. Now a bit about me, half American half Pollock straight off the farm white guy that has Roma as his grandmother’s background. So to say I grew up seeing shit, yeah, all the time. Ghosts, fairy folk and all sorts of crazy ass nature spirits that have been twisted by the garbage mankind has done. That’s fine, it’s all on the other side and has less than no pull on us, being a child of God and all. So anyways, here I am, living in Chicago on the north side in an all Jamaican/ Haitian neighborhood. They were cool and that but had to get used to this white guy rolling through the neighborhood at all hours of the day and night. So anyways, one day I hope on the L train heading south into the city in the fall. It wasn’t late, it creepy or anything like that, just a normal day. So here I am, chilling out and on the Jarvis stop, doors go open. My Spidey senses for lack of a better word fires up and says hey stupid, get on the clock. Figuring it takes all types in this world I look up and on walks this black dude in a Sox jacket, pants, tennis shoes and a stocking hat. No big deal, just take in who is on and mind my business right? I look up at the guy and his freak the fuck out internally. I look over and his eyes, nostrils and mouth are sewn shut with black thread. Now being in the city for a while I’ve seen all sorts of stuff, but this cat walked on, dead as the day is long. No breathing, no noise, just standing there holding the bar waiting for the train to roll. I look at this hands and shit and they are marked up and to say the brother was ashy, no that doesn’t even begin it. So here I am, late afternoon, watching the living dead ride the train. Now my grandma didn’t raise no idiots so when I see big mojo, and it’s not for me I stay calm and shit my pants later.

    Well, it ride for two more stops and walked off. So I say, that’s enough for me Dark, I grab the next stop and head my ever loving ass home. I talked with the local voudoun priestess in the hood and she says it’s a ju ju. She said smart boy for not messing with it because folks only raise that kind of thing for one reason, to kill someone. Well, that’s my experience to share. I have a ton more so I hope I win and you use it. I could bring out more detail. I miss seeing you on YouTube, but just won’t get a PayPal as they get hacked all the time. I would pay, just not that way.

    My wife and I appreciate what you do, just wished we could hear it. Love to you and yours from some fans from the Darkness Radio days.

  19. Hello Dark Waters,

    Not sure where to begin so ill get straight to the point. When i was 10 or so back in the summer of 1997 here in virginia of all places, i had a strange encounter with something that seemed to be destined for me to see. I was at my aunts house, she lived in a old home off in the woods off a old country road. Her place was heavily wooded and near a farm, she kept chickens in a coop not far from her front portch with her dogs in the back yard out of sight. I was with my father that night, as they chatted away i grew bored and ventured outside. As i steped out the front door and onto the porch something drew me to walk towards the darkness. I felt compelled almost…thus i walked towards the chicken coop. Nothing strange until i heard a noise, leafs rustling, a slight sound at best. I kept walking towards the noise, by this point im a good 50, maybe 60 or so feet away from the front portch. As i continued to step furter something turned to face me…i was litterly 2 feet away from…this thing. The only thing i could see even though i was this close was the creatures eyes. They were oval shaped, like an egg and glowed reddish in color, floursent red. But not like any red ive ever seen, it wasnt “bright” but its eyes glowed. It had slits for pupils, like a cat or snake. As i startled it, because it was busy with something. Maybe feasting on a chicken, i dunno. But i startled it and it slowly turned its head towards me to look at me. It gazed into my eyes as i did it as well, i saw its pupils flex like our own do and it turned fully to look at me. I was frozen in terror by what im seeing…i didnt scream i froze. Looking at it as it looked at me. It matched my height easily but its eyes is all i could focus on till something in my mind clicked and i ran towards the front porch. I ran inside, grabbed my dad and pointed outside. I told him somethings out there…he and i bith quickly walked outside where…we both watched a creature maybe 3 foot tall, legs bent like a goat..running? Hopping motion as it ran up the gravel road away from us, and past the night light on the electric pole. It had small arms, a big head and with things on its back like long porky pine like quills. We both saw it. But i thought this was it, the end of the event. This event has haunted me every since but it wasnt over…several weeks went by, maybe a month but i had to move in with my other aunt who lived in a trailer off route 460. She lived near by the highway, with woods behind her place. As i lived there i slept in the living room bc her place was messy and i hated my small room. It felt uninviting at best…but i continued to see this thing. It stood in the hallway, eyes red, black slit for pupils starring at me. It never ventured into the light from the kitchen stayed in the darkness of the hallway. Always looking at me and i would watch back. It never made any threating gestures just…watching me as i slept at night on the couch in her living room. I have no idea if what i was seeing was real or not but it felt just as real as when i first saw it. I would tell my mom, my sister but they didnt believe me. They always said the back door was locked that nothing could get in. But im damn sure it was there and was there multiple times always late at night. The last time i saw it was the same night i remember the trailer being engulfed in bright light outside and i remember nothing else. But till this day i dont think it has left my life. Ive had many other strange things happen to me. Till this day i cant look at car tail lights without thinking of this creature. A creature by all accounts i think is, a chupacabra. Thats one of many stories, ive also had this story published in a book. But thanks to this encounter and many others it has led me to try to figure out what this creature is.

  20. DW, Here’s a story for you and the fans…..

    My Buddy Doll Incident

     In the winter of 1985, I was pregnant with my fourth child who was due December 21st.On TV, they had been advertising a doll called, MY Buddy. This was a doll they had made for boys to play with as there was another one called Kid Sister for the girls. Well, my other two boys wanted the My Buddy Doll for Christmas and asked Santa for them. Thinking this would be a good idea for them with the new baby coming, Santa (I) got my sons, Jarrod 5 yrs and Zac 3 yrs each one for Christmas. When Christmas came, they were thrilled to have the doll they had wanted. Their new baby brother arrived January 1st, 1986.  

         In February 1986, I was putting the boys to bed and was giving them what they wanted to sleep with. The boys were in bunk beds and as I started to hand them the My Buddy Doll, Jarrod had a look of terror on his face & held up his hand & shaking his head “NO” to stop me from giving him the doll. I asked him if he wanted the doll to sleep with and he replied, “NO, At night it transforms into a monster and tries to kill us!” I tried to hand Zac his doll too and he too shook his head no! I thought I would see what their reaction would be when I told them if they didn’t want the dolls I would give them away & both boys did not care. This was very unusual since they both had so wanted the dolls for Christmas and now this reaction. I was not sure what to think. I knew that there had never been anything on TV the boys had seen showing any item transform into a monster and would try to kill people, so I put the dolls in the closet. After I put the dolls up, the boys never had any more problems with them.

         The dolls remained in the closet until around 1989. At this time, my friend, Hope, called me & told me I had to watch a movie that was out called, “Child’s Play”. She would not tell me anything of the movie but said I needed to watch it. When the movie was being shown I turned it on and me and the kids sat down to watch it. Yes, although my kids were young we would watch scary movies together and if they had any questions, I would answer them honestly. They never had nightmares either. Well, the movie came on and we watched and when they showed the “Chucky” doll, Jarrod got up, went into his bedroom to the closet& came back into the living room with the “My Buddy Doll” going,”Chucky, Chucky!” I was floored as the boys had not played with those dolls since they had been put in the closet in 1986. Their experience happened two years before the movie Child’s Play had ever been released in the theaters in November 1988! After we watched the movie, I called my friend, Hope to tell her what Jarrod had done with the doll & how much the two looked alike. Hope said she had a bad feeling about those dolls when she saw them in the store but never said anything to me because she knew the boys wanted them so much.

         Yes, I still have the dolls but they are packed away. The incident happened when we lived in Ohio over my in-laws gas station. We had many things happen while living there. We now live in California.

    Rebecca Codner

  21. My father is a retired Pennsylvania State Trooper. He mostly worked on Interstate 80, the highway that bisects the state. He can’t remember the exact year of this incident, but it occurred in the 1970’s. America was celebrating the Bicentennial, and the “old tyme” style was at its peak. Remember Little House on the Prairie, Holly Hobbie, and wagon wheel coffee tables? That type of décor and dress was all around, so when my dad saw a girl on the side of the highway dressed up like Laura Ingalls Wilder, he didn’t think too much of it. Snow had started falling and the temperature was dropping, so he knew that he couldn’t leave her out in the elements no matter how she was dressed.

    There are plenty of reasons why a person might be walking along the interstate highway: car trouble, hitchhiker, a pissed-off boyfriend kicking her out of the car… No matter what the reason, it’s never a good idea to walk along those roads at night. This is before high-intensity headlights like we have today, so it would be easy to clip someone walking along. Add to that the reduced visibility with the snow and the increased likelihood of skidding on some ice, he had to pick her up.

    He pulled over, and called for her to enter the back seat. At the time troopers were not allowed to have passengers in the front with them. She got in the car & pulled the door closed, but kept her head down. My dad tried to engage her to assess the situation, asking if she maybe had an accident, where she was going, if anyone else was out there, her name… No answers, just some mumbles and gestures with her head that really didn’t tell him anything. Again, remember the 1970’s. Free love, drugs, and the hippies didn’t abruptly come to an end with the 1960’s; there were still a lot of freaky people and weird substances out there that meant when you picked up someone alone on the highway on a snowy night, you couldn’t always know what you were getting yourself into.

    So, Dad just figured that getting any useful information from this girl was going to be a dead end. He turned around, but the vehicle in “drive” and pulled back on to the road. As he wondered what to do with this girl – maybe take her to the barracks, a truck stop, a hospital – she suddenly started yelling for him to stop and pull over. She was flailing at the door, looking like she wanted nothing more than to get out of that back seat. Dad carefully pulled over again, as the snow was now coming down harder. At this point he was pretty sure that the girl’s prior unresponsiveness was due to being doped up and now this girl was going to get sick all over the inside of his patrol car! The car stopped and he ran around to the other side in order to open the door from the outside since they were made not to open from inside the car. He whipped the door open and scanned the seat and floor while the girl ran to let her stomach empty out. Thankfully, the car was still clean! He turned to check on the girl… but she was gone! The snow was coming down heavier still, but she couldn’t have gotten too far away. He called & searched for several minutes before giving up.

    Now, it might sound pretty irresponsible for him to leave her out there in the cold to freeze just because his hands were getting cold, but that wasn’t the case. As Dad stomped through the snow looking for his missing passenger, he noticed that at the door he had opened to release her, there was only one set of footprints, and those were his! No matter if the girl was barefoot, in sandals or Holly Hobbie boots, there was enough snow on the ground to see her tracks. In this instance, there were none to be found! He returned to the car and finished his shift with no further clues as to who this mystery person was or where she got to.

    It has been a while since I talked to my dad about this story. Unfortunately, last year he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and his memories have started to slip. He never told me what or who he thought he encountered that night; he’d just shrug and grin, almost like he didn’t want to say it was a spirit but not wanting to ruin a good story, either. When I was a child he always liked to give me a good scare with creepy stories, but he first told me this one when I was an adult, almost like he didn’t want to tell me the real ones until I could appreciate them. He only shared two other paranormal events from his life; one was a mysterious mist that filled a forest and chased out a group of kids who were playing there, and the second was a creaking floorboard in his bedroom that silenced when he asked for it to stop. Finally, there was a frightening coincidence while he served in Vietnam, shortly before I was born. His truck was the last in a convoy, and they talked the driver to stop under a tree to pick “thumb bananas” for a quick snack. A minute or so after stopping, they heard the sounds of battle from up ahead. When they rejoined the convoy, they discovered that the end of the convoy had been ambushed and suffered many casualties before the attackers had been neutralized. Had his truck not stopped for those bananas, he may have never come home.

  22. Hi dark. These encounters are short but you asked for some stories so here it goes. The first one happened to my husband in the woods in nh. We have a bird dog who loves to run and hunt so we are always looking for new places to take her and explore with her. We had moved, granted it was just the next state over, but we weren’t familiar with spots to take the dog yet. We were driving one day on 28 and spotted this opening on the highway that led to a trail in the woods. So my husband decided to go back and take the dog their one day. I usually go but I wasn’t feeling good that. I’ll tell you a little back story about this area. This is a stretch of technically highway but the speed goes from 25-40 mph, yet for some reason there’s a lot of deaths on this road. The Robert frost house is up the street too so the road is surrounded by woods so you can get the whole lovely, dark and deep feel about the woods surrounding you if you are by yourself on some stretches of the road. It can be especially spooky to see the lone pair of headlights pull up behind you. So my husband goes into the trail and when you pull off the road there’s parking and even though you aren’t that far from the road it feels like you are cut off from it because it’s so enclosed by the woods. It also gets significantly darker when you go into these woods because they’re so thick. So he starts walking on the trail. There’s some random things like an old steam powered machine just left to rot from like the late 1800s/early 1900s. Then he notices my dog who loves to run and hunt, who we have to constantly keep an eye on to make sure she stays close enough is acting off. She’s staying closer then usual. So my husband has his guard up. So he comes to old campground. It had concrete slabs for where tents would be set up. He walked through it because it was on the trail. No tents were set up. He said he also went on the concrete slabs too. After that, felt really odd now at this time so he only went a little further on the trail because at this point our dog was literally sticking next to his side scared of something which is very odd because she has been in the woods her whole life and loves it. It also grew very quiet. My husband said screw this because he doesn’t mess around with this stuff like dark waters, so he went back and had to pass the campground again. This time there’s an old weathered yellow tent up and he thinks there’s people inside but there was no way he was going to check. He said the tent was an older style like the ones they must have used in at least the 60s and he said it looked like it had been out there but he knows for sure no tents were on the concrete slabs because he had gone on top of that very slab to walk. Plus, he had only gone past the campground for a minute or so and then turned back because my dog was acting off and it went completely quite so there’s no way someone could have put up an older tent set up like that in that small amount of time. So he starts booking it out of there. At this point, he’s at least a mile in on the trail. The whole time he hears something tailing him on the way out. My dog got so scared he had to pick her up and screw out of there. I don’t know what it was but I’m glad he listened to his instincts and left instead of taking a closer look. All I could think of is missing 411 with David paulides and how people often disappear in the woods with dogs. He doesn’t listen to David or any stories online buti think his story had a lot of similarities. I don’t think it’s long enough for a big story or anything but I figured I’d tell it anyways because you asked. Love your stuff

  23. First off I appreciate the content you put out…….as for my story as a kid I say about 8-9 where I live in Dallas Texas south oak cliff to be exact…..being one of the youngst kids on the block I was able to tag along with my brother and the older kids…..we would go in to the houses that were vacant and jus hang out and smoke cigarettes well in one house which was one of the creepiest houses on the block but we went in anyway so as we were in the front room we heard a bang in the kitchen which was towards the back we all got quite and waited to see if it was one of our friends coming in but nobody said anything so we felt a little uneasy so we all jus started running and being the youngest and fattest I was in the back of the group and one by one were jumping out the front window and i waited for my turn to jump out I see a very dark shadow next to me with a big hat that looked down at me and when it was my turn to jump out I was kinda frozen from what I seen then some how i manage to come too and leave I turn and jus look at the window and it was their jus looking at me…….after that day I never went by that at night never went inside again none of us did……on that street a lot of stuff happened when I was their a murder happened up the street……i took my kids by their to show and I still get uneasy looking at that house and…..alot of stuff happened to me but that’s another story well I hope this story to your liking thanks for what you put out for all to listen too…..

  24. Hey DW, I was going to tell you about the time a bunch of my classmates saw and heard what they believe to be an angry mountain spirit on a berry picking trip. But even though I was there, I didn’t see or hear anything. This is just a quick story about something that actually happened to me in my first year of college.

    I was buck naked sound asleep in my bed after a late night of working on a project in one of the campus workshops. While I was asleep I dreamed my mom was peeking at me over the side of my bed. I could only see her forehead and eyes at first. She looked absolutely furious.
    Slowly she rose until I could see her whole face. Her cheeks were red and she had her lips pressed together like she was trying very hard not to say anything she’d regret later. Her fingers came up to grip the sides of the bed and she bared her teeth at me. That instant I realized that this was not my mother but something else. Then, fast as a viper she snapped her hand out and drove it into my chest. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Dom style!

    I woke up with a gasp. I was sweating and panting. As I lay there trying to catch my breath I heard hushed voices and somebody jiggling my lock. Our dorms were long narrow buildings where each dorm room had two doors. One to a shared bathroom in the centre of the building, the other to a long walkway outside. Kind of like a four storey motel were I was on the second floor. Someone was checking the lock on the outside door.

    I froze. I don’t think I was even breathing at that point. It was 3am and someone was trying to break into my room very quietly. The lock opened. The knob turned. Before the door could open more than a couple inches I was out of bed and screaming obscenities. I heard something ping against the rail of the walkway and running feet as I slammed my body into the door and threw the deadbolt. I was an idiot and didn’t call the cops or anything. But I got dressed for class and spent the rest of the night sitting in bed with my back to the wall and all the lights turned on.

    I don’t know what the thing with my mom’s face was. But I’m glad it came to warn me.

  25. Dark Waters, I know you asked for something scary, I don’t know that it is scary but it is paranormal. Here’s my story.
    First, I would like to say that at the time this was so strange that I actually wrote it down in a journal I kept at the time.
    To begin. Several years ago on the day before my husband’s birthday we were sitting at home in the evening I had been doing laundry all night from the time I got off work. We were listening to music on the radio, having a pleasant conversation about life in general all while I was folding clothes.
    Earlier in the day I had purchased two dark chocolate on chocolate Häagen-Dazs bars. My husband didn’t want to wait for his birthday to eat his but I threw my body across the refrigerator with my arms out stretched preventing him from getting to it. We laughed and decided that at midnight it would officially be his birthday and we would break them open at midnight.
    We checked the two clocks to see how long we needed to wait, the digital clock in the kitchen and the analog clock in the living room. (That clock ran 5 minutes fast)
    We went back to what we had been doing, we had a few more hours to wait. At eleven o’clock we tuned in our favorite talk radio program. When we heard Art Bell’s voice we knew we only had an hour to go. I threw in my last load of laundry into the wash and continued ironing. Finally the moment came the analog clock read 5 minutes till. I laughingly told the hubby he had to wait, after all it wasn’t his birthday yet. I went to guard the freezer then I checked the digital clock for the count down except the clock read 10:50.
    10:50? How could that be possible? We then checked the analog clock again. 10:55.
    Somehow we gained an hour. I have heard of people loosing time but who gains time? We discussed all the possibilities. I can almost see reading an analog clock incorrectly (even though we grew up with them and hadn’t made that kind of mistake in several decades) but there is no way we could have read the digital clock incorrectly. I even calculated how many loads of laundry I had done that night. I should not have been able to do the amount of loads in the time it should have taken. Somehow we gained an hour.
    This happened almost 20 years ago and we still are mystified.

  26. you mentioned a private way to submit encounters in a recent live stream ( as opposed to the comments on this page ) where can i find that?

      1. I need to submit a encounter too if you wish to tell it for me you have a great YouTube thing I’m happy you’ve went to wes on Sasquatch chronicles so I can here how you do things god is great everything meets full circle for a reason I’m black foot Indian Cherokee Italian Irish German and French of course African so a mutt but my stories growing up oh boy where do I start at I’ll call you if it’s ok

      2. Hey DW,
        I called and left a message. You said something about several weeks delay, but I haven’t heard back. I don’t have a computer at the moment so I’m a little behind on the news.

  27. Hey DW here is my story.

    In 2014 I had a fight with my ex girlfriend who I was living with at the time.

    We had a fight & I was so pissed she did not have to ask me to sleep somewhere else. I was happy to & already making my way to the spare room.

    There was no spare bed so I had to place a mattress on the floor in the middle of the room.
    Can’t remember roughly what time but I woke up with a sense something was up. I wouldn’t say wrong but just that I knew things were not how they should be.

    At the same time i haven’t actually moved so just opened my eyes trying to adjust them.
    I couldn’t believe wtf I was seeing. There was a shadow human figure at the top of my head..behind me.
    Imagine lying down & looking up with another person looking down at you & therefore their face is upside down.

    Except there is this shadow human like figure & what blew my mind was the fact there were 2 arms moving over me that clearly belong to it.

    The arms were moving slowly through the air about a foot above me & the only thing it matches is imagining a person doing Rieki.

    So I wake up to a shadow figure doing what appears to be rieki????
    I am like wtf is this & I actually became pissed off.

    Now DW there is one thing I have definitely learned. In our dreams or real life, when we are facing serious danger or unexplained things we either run, shut down in fear, fight or try to take control.

    Those moments are the only moments when you really learn about who you or someone else really is.

    So turns out I don’t run or shut down.

    I got pissed off & stood up to look around the room & see a total of 3 of these shadow human like figures.

    I tried a few things to get rid of them & nothing happened.

    from all of my many spiritual/spychic related experiences..the next thing to happen scared me. Really scared me but I was still standing my ground nit letting it show how concerned I was. Anyone who knows enough is vs about to know why.

    They ignored it all. None of it worked & I could tell. They didn’t care.
    To make thinhs more confusing there was no sense of evil or hostility towards me but these things were so human like & yet obviously were not human.

    It was like they had their own set of rules that did not apply to our reality, dimension whatever people want to veiw or call it.

    They basically came in the middle of the night, did as they pleased & will leave when they are good & ready.
    Anyone dealing with Spirits or demons will tell you that at the end if the day it comes down to Will & energy.

    So I don’t know what these things were. I am only 90% sure of what they weren’t.

    Furthermore. I felt a very strong sense they were seeking a very small handful of people. It would be described as a feeling but it was so strong it was like I just knew that is why they were doing whatever it is they were doing it.

    A few moments later they basically dissapeared out of thin air & i’m left standing in middle of the room thinking I have no idea what they are?
    What they wanted?
    Why they were doing energy type work which clearly looked like rieki?
    Why the so called rules don’t apply to these things?
    & so on.. I was at a loss. I already knew from experience that all we ever learn is how much we don’t know but I really got handed a big lesson.

    The next day….

    So I was still reflecting hard upon what had happen during the night. After all. Not something you could just shake off.

    I had read about shadow people but it really did not seem to match any description of shadow people except they were dark shade with human shape.

    I decided to send a facebook message to a friend I have not spoken to in more than a year.

    All I asked was whether anything strange happened last night?

    They telephoned back & said they woke up in middle of the night with a sense something was not right.
    My friend has 4 cats & obsessed with all things Egypt so we just assume half jokingly she was egyptian in a former life.

    She said she walked out to the loungeroom & saw one of her cats had cornered one but it was down on all fours & did not look like a dog but moved like one.
    When it noticed her it immediately ran through the loungeroom & down the hallway with the cat chasing & it was gone.

    I then shared my experience with her & she also expressed she felt she as though specific people were being searched for by these things.
    It was like they were looking for perhaps no more than 20 people on the planet or something.
    That still troubles me despite nothing bad happening.

    We both began researching online & felt these were not shadow people but in a sense something older as it really seemed like they could not be commanded or expelled the same way a dark or evil entity could.

    These things felt like they had the same freedom humans do which is troubling to say the least DW.

    After researching online though we finally came across what we consider to be the most likely candidate, a djinn (Genii).

    Don’t know much about them except they are apparently from the time of creation & either help or harm people.

    I would love to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this.

    This deifinitely is not a horror story whivh I am thankful for but maybe a listener or one of DW family members know of something?

  28. DW,
    Just wanted to start off by saying awesome work, your content is definitely second to none.
    I would like to share a paranormal encounter I experienced as a child when I was around the ages of 6-8 years old in the Dominican Republic in the late 70’s.
    My mother would send myself and my older sister to the D.R. During summer vacation every other summer from N.Y.C to spend time with our family living over there. So basically we would spend close to 3 months over there give or take. Our time over there would be spent between our aunts house in a town called La Vega and our grand parents farm in the country which was about 30mins away where my mother and aunt were born and raised. Where this encounter happen was on the farm. So to start off, I tended to be a pain in the ass at times and would be a bit much for my aunt so she would ship me off to the farm to be with my grand parents, especially my grandfather who would have me do chores around the farm etc. My grandparents slept in different rooms, why?? I wish I could tell ya but there was no reason. So I use to sleep in my grandmother’s room directly across from her in my own bed. Well one night I woke up feeling something/ somebody laying next to me and then I feel this presence get off the bed, so I turn over to see what it was and to my amazement there in the middle between my bed and grandma’s were these lil beings is what I’m gonna call them. There was at least two of them I can’t remember if there was third but I know there was at two , they were dark entities about the size of a child maybe 3 ft in height , I couldn’t make out facial features. They were wearing clothes that resembled kind of like prison uniforms from the old days you know white with black stripes . They were playing around , acting mischievous really behaving like energetic kids. The weird thing though was that I didn’t feel threatened or even scared, I just sat there and watched them as they basically fooled around to say the least, then one of them decided to turn on my grandmother’s radio and wake my grandmother up as they sensed this they shot under her bed, So now my grandma turns on the light and finds me awake sitting up thinking I turned on the radio and asking why I turned it on and me explaining to her what I just witnessed, so she basically just brushed it off as me doing it and turned off the radio and lights going back to sleep. So now these lil entities come right back out from under her bed and continue with their shenanigans and again turn on the the radio ,So my grandma gets back up and finds me again playing audience after our friends ran back under her bed though this time she was freaked out after I basically repeated myself with the same explaination, so she whipped out her rosary beads and started praying the rosary and that’s how pretty much the night concluded from what I remember.
    I’m curious to find anyone who might have had a similar encounter/experience etc, what these entities , spirits etc might be and what is their agenda, are they good or evil?? This is the first time I share this experience on social media.
    Thank you to anyone who read my encounter.

  29. So i was hog hunting on a small ranch outside San Isidro, Texas last year. It was about 11:30 was a moon lite night. A buddy and I were in our blind just relaxing and watching the game in the area. We heard the coyotes start talking to each other, 2 large groups talking back and forth. Then we here this one off by itself but close. Real close like at most a couple hundred yards away. Hes sounding off to the others and then lets out a death yelp, and everything goes dead quiet. My buddy and I made a joke about the movie tremors or something. So we just sit there for a bit and listen but its dead no sound, then it gets real heavy like being watched and bad. I dont know how else to describe it just bad. So now its about 12 and my buddy and I are pretty uneasy, so we decide to leave the blind for the night. My buddy gets out of the blind and I stay on the scoped rifle, just in case its hogs and they decide to charge when he gets out. As he gets to the bottom rung he goes white as a sheet and flips on his flashlight pointed to the brush line. It illuminates something. So I raise my rifle to the light and I dont know. There is this thing in my scope, all white, and it has eye shine. So i get my scope onto it and it runs to the right. It covers 50 yards in a few seconds, it moved wrong though. I swear to god that it was almost bounding and that its legs were backwards. Like it had its knees in the wrong place. I followed it and led it with the rifle for around 75 yards, the hole time thinking no knowing that if i dropped it shit would get worse. Up until that point the feeling of dread was overwhelming, kinda like we were on the dinner menu for the evening, but now as i was running away all i felt was fear. Like it was projecting fear man I dont know. So it screws off into the brush and my buddy and i book it. Drove back to the ranch house and stayed up all night unable to sleep. The next morning we headed out to the spot during daylight. No tracks, but that area of the ranch never produced anything again. After that night things got crazy. Only went up 2 more times.

  30. Hiya Dark Waters joined a few weeks ago but for some reason can’t get on premium content as from today.
    Think your content is superb,

  31. I’ve had so many weird “happenings” for as long as I can remember. One short story I have is of the time I was living with my folks and pregnant with my first child. I was 20 yrs old, still in college, thinking I was in love with the most wonderful man alive. We had discussed marriage and having kids so when I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t think he’d turn tail and run like his life depended on it. There was a lot of anger, fear, disappointment and pain that I was going through at that time. This is a moment in a woman’s life where she should enjoy herself knowing that she is creating a life, experiencing the joys of becoming a mother. I was naive, I know. Anyway, my parents were always supportive and understanding about most of what I and my siblings experienced in life – first boyfriend, first kiss, graduation, fights with best friends, etc. I figured news of the pregnancy would be a big surprise but not anything that I should have worried about telling. Boy was I wrong. My mom was in tears everyday for a month, my dad wouldn’t speak to me look at me or be in the same room with me for almost 4 months. Their pain and disappointment in me was palpable and suffocating. This environment, in my eyes, seemed to have created (or given birth to) this “entity” that only I had seen. Now, this is the part that has haunted my dreams for 21 yrs. One night, being 8 months pregnant and big, swollen, clumsy, emotionally and physically exhausted – I woke up from a very light and uncomfortable sleep. I got out of bed to go to the bathroom. Now, my room was located at the end of a short hallway. The bathroom was located maybe 10 feet on the left hand side of the hallway. Our front door to the apartment was about 5 feet from the bathroom door and the kitchen entrance was located about 5 feet off to the right of that hallway. On this night, I had gotten out of bed and made my way to the bathroom, no problem. I washed up, splashed water in my face to help me cool down (I was pregnant and about to pop in December but I was miserable because all I wanted was to have an a/c on all the time). I turned towards the door, opened it, reached up to turn of the light as I’m walking out of the bathroom and as soon as the lights went off, I heard this chittering sound come from the kitchen (off to my left). I FROZE. I could have told myself that it was nothing, that it was just my imagination, but my senses were heightened because of the pregnancy so I knew what I heard was an actual sound – not imaginary. It was a low, rhythmic sound but it was coming in bursts like it knew I could hear it and wanted me to know it was there. Anyway, my curiosity got the better of me and I felt the need to investigate this sound. I wish I hadn’t. When I walked over to the kitchen entrance (now all lights are off so it is 95% dark aside from light filtering through the closed curtains) the sound turned from a chittering to a freaking giggle! It sounded like a child’s giggle and as I looked into the kitchen there was this pair of red glowy orbs (which my mind is yelling to me “Those aren’t orbs! Those are eyes!”) friggin’ blinking at me. If you have ever seen the 1979 version of “The Amityville Horror” you might be able to kind of picture what those orbs reminded me of. It seemed as if it turned it’s head to look behind it and turned back to look at me and started walking towards me! I was frozen in place but all I could imagine was this thing having razor sharp teeth and claws wanting to rip me to pieces. I heard a voice in my mind telling me to run, that it wanted my baby. That’s when I shook myself out of my stupor and booked it to my room. If you can imagine an 8 month pregnant chic trying to run at full speed, you’d be busting a gut right now. I don’t know how I made it back to my room but I did and I slammed that door and locked it before jumping back in bed and pulling the sheets over my head like a kid would have. I could not sleep that night, listening out for scratching sounds against the door or that awful chittering/giggling sound coming from the other side of the door or even worse, the closet. I was finally able to fall asleep just before the sun came out and must have slept all day because my mother had come in to check on me. I had gathered enough courage to tell her about what I had experienced but of course she didn’t believe me. She thought I was making it up but I swear to you, this really happened. I have not been able to go to the bathroom at night for 20 yrs now – at least not in a fully darkened hallway. I have had night lights placed in all the hallways and bathrooms in every place I’ve lived in (apartments or houses) and if I can help it, I try not to drink too much at night so I won’t feel the urge to. My grandmother was the only person who has believed me. I had shared this story with her before she had fallen ill and passed away, maybe 7 years ago. She had told me it was probably what we call a “duende” or a goblin. She had heard stories of them taking children away, or causing SIDS in infants when she was young. Stories like these aren’t very believable because people always throw the words “wivestales” or “superstition” around. But I know what I saw and heard. It has traumatized me enough that I avoid walking around in my own house at night. Some days, when I’m more stressed out and tired than usual, I fear hearing that damn chittering and it causes bouts of insomnia. I have other stories to share but I’ll leave that for another time. I have 9 hours left of daylight to forget this experience or at least push it to the back of my mind to allow me some sleep tonight. Enjoy the day guys!

  32. Dark waters I live in south carolina, and a buddy of mine told me about your podcast. So I’ve been listening to them for about 2 weeks now. My ? Is I haven’t heard anything about dogma in sc. I’ve been heard a low , deep growling noise at night some time at the land I go coyote hunting on. It’s like everytime a pack of coyotes start to sing off, a few seconds later I can hear the growl from the same gerenal area. It’s about 200 to 225 yards away from me next to a creek that from a swamp. After the growl everything goes silent, and a uneasy feeling comes around. Please get back with me ad let me know what u think. Thanks

  33. Dark Waters,

    My wife and I love listening to your stories. Especially when we are settling down for the night and the kids are tucked in. I just became a premium member and saw that we could submit our own encounter so here goes.

    I’ve been in the Army for 12 years now. The reason I’m telling you this is because what happened to me took place in Army Barracks. I was stationed at Fort Campbell during this time. It happened in 2011 I believe so. Anyway so I had just got to this duty station and wasn’t feeling my unit or the local city outside of main post. Clarksville TN to be exact. So I either went to Nashville which was an hour south or stayed in my room. Since I was an NCO (non commissioned officer or sergeant and above FYI) I had a room to myself. I would spend most my nights drinking and playing video games. I didn’t have very many friends at the time. It was at this time one day that I had gotten so bored that I started to clean my room and noticed a book that I had bought during one of my deployments. The book was called Lucid Dreaming. It’s pretty much a book that teaches you how to control your dreams. One of the guys I worked with swore by it and said it worked. So I purchased it but didn’t have time to read it due to our work schedule and I just wasn’t feeling it anyway. So I stored it away and forgot about it until I moved to fort Campbell. Now I’m a black man from Richmond VA. Where I’m from people like myself don’t get into something like this but I had gotten so bored that anything would do at this point. So the book tells you to set an alarm to wake yourself up and write your dream down in a dream journal (if you can remember it). Also there are what’s called “dream movements”. This is something you do constantly during the day so you could mimic it during your dream. My dream movement was looking at my watch ( I was always looking at my watch to see if it was time for me to get off of work). Now the purpose of the dream movement is to see if you actually dreaming. So if I looked at my watch the first time and it looked normal, I would have to look at it again to see if it was different in any form. Also you had to ask yourself if your dreaming throughout the day to enable yourself to ask if your dreaming when you are actually dreaming, then do your dream movement. I know this is a lot of fluff but it’s important. So the first few times it didn’t work and I started to lose interest, especially since I was waking myself up to write in some damn journal 4 hours prior to me having to wake up anyway. So then it finally happened. I remember asking myself if I was dreaming during my dream then doing my dream movement. When I looked at my watch the digital display looked like the arm piece the predator wore before he blew himself up and tried to take Arnold Schwartzinager with him. And the display was pink. I got so damn excited that I woke myself up out the dream. Over the next few weeks I couldn’t not wait to go to sleep just so I could do some lucid dreaming. Sometimes it would work sometimes it would. But nonetheless it was worth it because of what I could do in my dreams. Flying, seeing all kinds of crazy colors. I remember seeing a filed that was rainbow in color and two suns in the sky that were red instead of the yellowish white color we have.

    So one night I’m not really overly excited but still looking forward to lucid dreaming before going to sleep. So this particular night I wake up dead out of my sleep look around my room and try to move but can’t move for shit. I feel this pressure on my chest and this buzzing vibrating sound coming from the back of my head. And I’m like WTF! As the noise gets louder the pressure gets heavier. As the noise dies down the pressure lessens. This went on for what felt like a few minutes but was probably just a few seconds. After it was over I tried to see if I could move and I saw that I could but still didn’t want to because I was too terrified at the moment.

    The second time this happened, same thing I’m sleep then I wake up out of nowhere. This time my head is a elevated a little so I can look other places besides my ceiling. I hear the buzzing vibrating sound again and I feel the pressure but can’t see anything odd in my room. That was until I looked at my desk. Now to this day I still don’t know what the hell this was. But on my desk I have my laptop my router and the receiver to my cable box. So there’s a lot of lights on my desk some green some blue but none of them were red. Two red glowing orbs to be exact.

    At this point I’m a bit freaked out because this is happening more often but nothing to extreme. That was until one weekend. I remember waking up around 7 and the sunlight shiny bright into my face so I drew my curtains back and put my covers over my face and went back to sleep. As I’m feeling myself drift off I can feel my covers sliding g off my face. I notice it but brush it off because I have a pretty heavy blanket. So I try and go back to sleep. As I drift off again this time the covers are snatched off my face. Think of how you play with your siblings and their hiding under the covers and you know they’re there so you snatch the covers off of them. That’s how it’s felt. Like whatever snatched the covers off was like HaHA found you!! So I jump the fuck out the bed and look around my room to see if someone broke in and is fucking with me. But I know damn well nobody can get in my room. I’m just trying to rationalize this shit.

    So at this point can easily put two and two together and come to the conclusion that that damn book and the lucid dreaming is what’s causing all this shit to happen. So I throw the damn book away and start praying more reading my Bible asking The Lord to forgive and everything. But this stuff is still happening. So I look into it, turns out the reasons why I can’t move is due to sleep paralysis. There’s a scieiexplanation for it and a spiritual one. I’m sure you know both. then I notice that the spiritual explanation is related to lucid dreaming and this shit blew my mind. I went to some exposing occult practices website and found out that lucid dreaming pretty much is a ritual to give evil spirits access to your life. It went something into bridging a gap to the astral plane and the lucid dreamer has to cross over into the spirit world in order for it to work. What the book doesn’t tell you is that when you bridge that gap to the spirit world something is going to follow you. Notably something evil. You see the book entices you into doing it. Like who the hell wouldn’t want to control their dreams? Fly around sleep with the woman of your dreams. It all sounds exciting but it’s very dangerous and should not be practiced by anyone in my opinion.

    A few months go by and I have completely turned my myself around. I met a great friend and he introduced my to Christ. I was praying before and reading the Bible, but he really showed me how to read scriptures and pray to God. I can say I didn’t know who God was. Then I met my wife, who I’ve been married to for five years to this day. I got promoted to E-6 (staff sergeant) and moved out those damn barracks. It all seemed great and those sleep paralysis episodes were rarely happening anymore. That was until I went home to visit my family and my wife ( who was my girlfriend at the time, we were in a long distance relationship). So one night I’m sleeping in my parents guest room and I wake up out of nowhere and couldn’t move just like it would normally happen. I tried to brush it off because it would happen every now and then and I could just close my eyes and ignore it. But this time it was different. I was laying on my right side and I could feel my entire body sliding across my parents footon. So in my mind I’m like WTF I thought this shit was over. Darks Waters I’m telling you as soon as that thought crossed my mind I heard this snicker. Like someone’s got their hand over mouth trying not to laugh but can’t hold it in. Yeah just like that. So I’m laying on my right side but I am looking straight ahead and I see a dark figure on the wall twitch. I thought it was a picture my parents had hung up but this was an actual…..thing. The best way I can describe it is like this. picture yourself sitting on the ground with your knees to your chest and your arms wrapped around your knees. Ok you got that. Now this thing was sitting like that on THE WALL!! I could see it’s arms and legs looked sort of furry, and it’s face was hardly visible but I could tell that its face was hairless. I couldn’t tell if it had horns or extremely pointy ears. But I could tell this thing was looking at me, and when I realized it I closed my eyes and tried my damnest to take my ass back to sleep. But I was so terrified and my mind was racing thinking this thing was gonna come up off that was and get face to face with me. I opened my eyes slightly to see if it was still there and to my surprise it wasn’t and I could move again. I got up went to the bathroom came back in the room and said a prayer for the Lords protection from this thing. If you know of anyone doing lucid dreaming pleas let them know that that stuff is dangerous and is nothing to play with. To this day sleep paralysis still happens to me but nothing to the level of what I saw that night or the first few times it happened. But every time it does happen I take a look around my room just to see if that thing is on the wall.

  34. Love your stories dark waters I’m listening and stuff is coming up I’ve grew up with a very good story now I can tell them to you either your phone or email or here you let me know what’s the most affective let me know bro much love great job I’ll love this work

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  39. just joined and when I tried to subscribe it told me my password was wrong. When I put in my username and clicked on change password it said I had to be subscribed which I couldn’t do because it said my password was wrong. What can I do? I’m paying for it now but can’t get in to hear the stories.I have emailed about this but don’t get a reply. I’m sorry I need this help, I’m not good with computers, too old I guess….sorry

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