11 thoughts on “Taken: A Dogman Encounter”

  1. Dude did exactly what I woulda done. Who are these people that hang around hoping it’ll get better? If an 11-foot werewolf doesn’t want me around, I leave. Simple as that.

  2. You know there’s something bad in the woods when a dog as thick headed as a pit bull knows hide! That’s a good brother to help you move right then and there!

  3. He’s absolutely right on what he said about raising pitbulls. I had one for 12 years and he was the love of my life.. I still haven’t got over his passing which was two years ago anyway that was an awesome story and he totally did the right thing by moving.
    I wouldn’t be one of them sticking around seeing how things worked out SMH..

  4. Wonderful,well done to the dude that got the hell out of there…Shame on the landlord for not giving full disclosure…

  5. Thats one badass story brother.. Thats crazy.. Im sure there was well more than just 1 dogman.. Probably atleast 3 more.. Those dogs that got taken, i wonder if they all died? Im sure they probably did. Seems like that dogman was waiting for dude to leave before he made his mark. Scary wild…

  6. Last year, while caught between my SUV and front door after returning home from Sunday church service, I was suddenly attacked by two unknown Pit Bulls owned by neighbors just down the street. Savage “Monsters” ripping at my flesh, excited by all the blood, making me think I was going to be brutally torn apart before I escaped back into my vehicle- -absolute terror. Not all merciless predators hunt the deep dark woods! At age 52, I am physically scarred for life; the worst part, however, remains witnessing in horror their determined efforts to enter my SUV and finish me off. Any dog can bite, but not all dogs can kill. Pit Bulls kill people in the U. S. every year! Why subject our fellow humans to such preventable atrocities? I hope the Pit Bull “breeder” who personally survived his own encounter with devastating predatory aggression may read the book entitled “The Hammer: Why Dogs Attack Us and How to Prevent It.” Thank You for allowing this message.

  7. Pitbulls are Fierce and Powerful dogs but they can be extremely sweet and loyal to their owners and people they know and trust.
    That’s too bad about the dogs being killed. I hate it when a pet or a good animal is killed for no good reason.
    I thought the “Suicide Squad” name was hilarious.

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